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It is the same. Respectable is also a French word.

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respect English = respect in french, you just don't pronounce it the same

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respectueux, respectueuse

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Q: How do you say respectable in french?
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What is the demons name that ryan wont say?

no respectable demonologist would disclose that information

What is the Romanian word for respectable?

respectable = respectabil

When was The Respectable Burgher created?

The Respectable Burgher was created in 1901.

How do you say 'say' in french?

to say is the verb 'dire' in French.

How do you say French assignment in French?

To say "French assignment" in French, you can say "devoir de franรงais."

How do say 'she' in French?

In French, to say 'she' , you say:Elleeg. elle s'appelle comment?In French, to say 'he', you say:Il

What does respectable mean?

Respectable means when someone admires you as a famous person

What is the duration of A Respectable Life?

The duration of A Respectable Life is 1.7 hours.

What is the suffix in the word respectable?

The suffix in respectable(respect-able) is able.

How do you say i love French in French?

You say "j'aime le franรงais" to say "I love French" in French.

Is respectable an adverb?

No, the word "respectable" is not an adverb.The word "respectable" is an adjective.The adverb form of the word "respectable" is respectably.

How do you say we will in French?

You can say "we will" in French by using the phrase "nous allons."