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Q: Are you correct in using the preposition 'at' at the end of a question?
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Is there a preposition property in the sentenceWhere is David at?

I don't know what you mean by 'preposition property' but at is a preposition.At can be used at the end of a sentence or question:'What are you playing at?'

In grammar when do you use AT?

The preposition at is used before an object of the preposition in a sentence. It should not be used at the end of a sentence. Examples: "I was at the store." - Correct (store is the object of the preposition.) "Prepositions should not be used at the end of a sentence." - Correct (end is the object of the preposition that goes with at.) "Where is my phone at?" - Incorrect Instead, one would say, "Where is my phone?"

Suggest the easy way of using preposition in writing English for example- today you are staying at home is this correct if correct than could you write it in the other way like you are staying in th?

You are staying at home today. Put the preposition today at the end of the sentence.

Is it correct English usage to say 'Where do you live at'?

No--at is a preposition, and you technically shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition. In this example, it is sufficient to say "Where do you live?"

Is to which you just listened correct grammar?

The sentence should be: "Is what you just listened to correct grammar?" This version correctly places the preposition "to" at the end of the question.

Carefully retype this sentence using correct capitalization. who is your favorite french artist?

Who is your favorite French artist with a question mark at the end

Is this sentence grammatically correct He flung him 50 feet across.?

No. Sentences shouldn't end in prepositions. "Across" is a preposition.

Why is the sentence 'Where is the car at' incorrect?

You don't need the word "at" because asking "Where is the car?" is a sufficient question. Also, in English, the sentence should not end with a preposition, and "at" is a preposition.

Is it grammatically correct to begin a sentence with a preposition?

Yes, it is grammatically correct to begin a sentence with a preposition in certain cases, especially in informal or conversational writing. However, it is generally avoided in formal or academic writing.

When did wars in the west end?

The correct answer to your question is... They have not.

When you combine a statement with a question using 'and' do you the end the sentence with a period or a question mark?

When you combine a statement with a question using 'and,' you should end the sentence with a question mark to indicate that it is a question.

Can you sometimes end a sentence with preposition?

What are you talking about? A preposition is the worst thing in the world to end a sentence with. This is unheard of. This is a habit that you should stay far away from. Rearranging the sentence to remove the preposition from the end of the sentence is the rule that you should abide by.(Hopefully, you have picked up on the sarcasm by this time. Each sentence in the above paragraph ends with a preposition, and all are grammatically correct. There is no rule, at least in the English language, that forbids ending a sentence with a preposition, whether written or spoken, formal or informal.)