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Q: Do people like prepfactory ACT prep?
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How do you act like a prep?

you can act really hyper... and really happy and always wear a smile

I have to take the ACT this year. Is there any good ACT software out there that can help me study?

Yes, there is plenty of ACT software out there. Typically, ACT! is considered the best ACT prep. You should get ACTive Prep. It's the only ACT software that's actually approved by the people that produce the ACT.

can i get degree through act prep online?

No, you can not get a degree through ACT prep online. ACT prep online is meant to help you prepare for taking the ACT test. You will not receive any credits that can be applied to a college degree.

Where can i find act prep online?

You can find many ACT prep courses online. and both offer ACT prep plans, tests and details on where you can take the test which ready.

Is there an ACT prep class available online?

At the link listed below you can take the ACT Prep Class online in the Kaplan Complete ACT Prep- Classroom Anywhere program. The program cost 3 installments of $166.33.

What does an act prep class do for you?

An act prep class helps you to prepare for the act test that highschoolers take to test their knowledge, this class shows and tells you what is on the act test.

Where can I find more information on ACT prep classes?

One can find more information on ACT prep classes from near by school or from sites like kap test, act student, smart money and many more. One will easily find information from these classes.

Where can I find ACT practice questions?

The best test prep questions you can find for the ACT is on There you can find all the prep tests quesitons you can handle to get your prepared for ACT test.

What is a reputable test prep organization?

Have you checked out Revolution Prep? Revolution Prep is a nationwide SAT and ACT test prep leader with a proven track record of student success. Since 2002, the company has helped tens of thousands of students score higher on the SAT and ACT exams, as well as improve basic academic skills. Revolution Prep's SAT and ACT programs offer: - SAT or ACT test score improvement guarantee - 6 comprehensive SAT classes or ACT classes - 5+ full-length proctored SAT practice exams or ACT practice exams - Personalized targeted homework - The most innovative online resources for SAT prep or ACT prep - Ability to take group courses or a hybrid program which includes personal tutoring Call us at 877-REV PREP (738-7737) or go to

Are ACT prep classes worth it?

You will benefit from taking an ACT prep class a lot because it will better prepare you for you test then you would have, had you just studied for the test.

Should you buy act sat prep software?

It depends on how serious you are about them. The CollegeBoard and ACT both have free test prep on their web sites, and if you ask your library or a teacher they will most likely have access to test prep resources for free.

What material is covered in an act prep class?

An ACT prep class will cover the same information as the actual ACT test, and it varies. You can find many free online practice tests to help you prepare.