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Easily! ^_^

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Q: How is this possible that impossible is not but yet it is possible?
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Is it possible to dream the impossible dream?

Yes, it is not only possible but very common to dream the impossible. It is impossible for people to fly on their own, yet flying dreams are very common. Dreams are not limited to the laws of physics or logic.

If nothing is impossible then is it possible for something to be impossible?

The question has words which have what I would call (for want of knowledge of a better description) reflective meanings; The words 'nothing' and 'impossible' cannot stand on their own and owe their existence (valid or otherwise) to the words 'thing' and 'possible'. If it were true (as it must, in my opinion be) that all things are possible, it follows that nothing is impossible - but there is no validity in the examination of the validity of the statement 'nothing is impossible' - it simply follows from 'everything is possible'. There is no room to (validly) proceed. Says who? Says I! So are you God? Not yet! (remember I said everything is possible) - Have a good day!

Is it not possible?

impossible to be possible, possibly

If everything is possible is it possible for anything to be impossible?

If everything is possible, then by definition it would not be possible for anything to be impossible. The concept of impossibility would cease to exist in a scenario where everything is possible.

Is impossible possible?

clearly not hence it is IMpossible, if it were possible than it would not be titled as such #feellikeasir

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Can a cat have a puppy?

no No. that is not possible. No. that is not possible. DEFINETLY NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!!!! That is definetly impossible. Period.

Is the impossible quiz 3 out yet?

no not yet I was wondering the same thing but no. It will come out September 11.