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7 times 77 I believe, but that is a metaphore, god wants us to forgive everyone who has wronged us regardless of whether they apologize or not. because if we cannot forgive someone how can we expect god to forgive us?

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Q: How many times should one forgive according to the old testament?
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How many times is forgive mentioned in the authorized king James New Testament?

"forgive" (including forgiven and forgiveness) appears 59 times in the King James version of the New Testament.The word "forgive" is spoken 29 times in the King James New Testament."Forgiven" 24 times."Forgiveness" 6 times for a total of 59 times.

How many times does Jesus tell us to forgive show up in the New Testament?

Jesus tells us to forgive 7 X's 70, per day! That's 490 times, per day.

How many times does the word according appear in the New Testament?

127 times.

How many times is the word forgive in the Bible?

According to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, the word "forgive" is in the Bible 53 times. That's not counting forgiven, forgiving, forgiveness, or forgave.

How many times does the word judge appear in the new testament?

According to, 191 times. <><

Why is it important to forgive others?

There are two Important aspects to forgive someone. 1. You must forgive. You should forgive even though that person isn't sorry, and pray for them continuously. If a wife divorces her husband because he abused her, she should pray and forgive him. When you forgive, it's like taking a step towards heaven. It says in the bible, Peter asks, "How much should I forgive? As much as seven times?" And Jesus replies, "Not just seven times, but seventy seven times..." This is just something to think about and put into practice. Not literally "I forgive you" seventy seven times, but it means to forgive and mean it. 2. How much that person needs the forgiveness. Everyone needs forgiveness. And God is the one who gives it if no one else does. That doesn't mean if someone says "I forgive you", your sin is gone. you still have to confess it by going to confession.

How many times should you forgive someone?

If you don’t forgive, neither will god. I will forgive anyone who was mean to me... Like Rihanna. She would bully me a lot... but I never gave up on her to show her true kindnes... we were in about 5th grade, and she got expelled from school... due to her worsening attitude towards the staff and teachers... mostly students... I’m in 7th grade now, but I will never forget her.

How many times did God forgive the Israelite's in the Old Testament?

He will forgive you no matter how ever many times you ask for forgiveness.

How many times in the bible does Jesus ask for forgiveness?

No one knows exactly but, when St. Peter asked Jesus if he should forgive his brother 7 time and Jesus said," not 7 times but, 7x70 times" This means to forgive him from deep blow.

How many times does is the word spirit in old testament and in New Testament?

KJV- old testament-259 times new testament- 323 times

How many times do the word forgive appear written in the Bible?

The number of times the word forgive appears in the Bible, will vary depending on the version. In the KJV of the Bible, forgive appears 56 times.

How many times in the bible does it says a man should cleave to his wife?

3 times. old and new testament