Is a foot customary or metric?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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It is a customary unit.

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is mile metric or customary?

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Q: Is a foot customary or metric?
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Is foot customary or metric?

It is a customary unit.

Is Foot 'unit of measurement' in the metric system?

No, Foot belongs to the Imperial and US customary units (according to Wikipedia)

Is a meter customary or metric?

The opposing systems are imperial and metric, not customary. But, meters are metric.

Are inches used in the international system of units?

No, Inches are part of the American "Customary" system...Metric is way easier to use but America refuses

Is a pound metric or customary?

The pound is NOT a metric unit.

Is yards metric or customary?

It is customary.

Is customary more then metric?

It can be more or less. An once (customary) is bigger than a gram (metric) but a pound (customary) is smaller than a kilogram (metric).

Is centimeters metric or customary?


Is a ton a customary or metric?


Is a liter customary or metric?


Is ounce a metric or customary unit?


Is a gran customary or metric unit?

A "gran" is a German measurement, it is neither customary or metric. A "gram" is a metric unit.