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Routing bank is the same as the sort code. UK banks use the sort code while the US banks use the routing number.

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Q: Is a routing number the same as a sort code?
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Bpi Philippines Routing Number or Sort Code?

BPI's routing number is 021000021... you can verify it by calling 89100. For PayPal transactions, the routing number would be 010040018. The SWIFT code is BOPIPHMM

Is a routing number a sort code?

Yes, the routing number printed on the bottom of a check is used to sort the checks according to both the bank, and individual account on which they are drawn.

What is the routing number what are we using it?

Its usually the first set of numbers on the lower left corner of the check.for more information click and lookup for routing numbers, swift code, bic code, sort code, bank sort cod etc.

What is the ABA routing number for the ICICI bank coimbatore?

The ABA Routing number will be the 9 digit code at the bottom of ur cheque, which is besides cheque no. We call it MICR no. This link talks about using IFSC code instead. Can someone check which one is correct?

What is the sort code for hsbc bank in hong kong?

i need hsbc hong kong routing number

What is a sort code for regions bank?

Regions Bank does not use a sort code like banks in the UK. Instead, they use routing numbers for domestic wire transfers and ACH transfers. You can find the routing number for Regions Bank by contacting their customer service or looking it up online.

DBS routing number?

Bank Name: DBS Bank LtdInstitution Code: 7171Branch Sort Code: 081 (per the branch bank where you open the account)Account Number: XXXXXXXXXRouting Code: 7171081SWIFT code: DBSSSGSG

What is the sort code of banco de reservas de la republica dominicana?

please tell me sort code number or routing number of banco de reservas in dominican republic i have to transfer money from here and i need this early,thankx

What is the swift code for Deutsch Bank?

AnswerIs there any difference between swift code and routing code ?Yes there ist a different! The routing code ist a sort code or a bank code number especially for the usa!There are different routing code systems worldwide. SWIFT code ist an international code.Try:

What is Routing Sort Code?

It is a number usually found on a check, it tells you which Federal Reserve Bank it is in route to, THE US HAS 12 OF THESE STRANGE CODES.

What is swift code and IBAN of Egyptian Arab land bank?

sort code of the bank and the meaning of routing in transit?

What is the iban and swift code for pnb bank in London?

Swift Code PUNBGB22 Sort Code 609500 this is use for LONDON You can mention sort code and swift code for transfer IBAN is not same for all so its change according to account number etc , but Swift code & Sort Code always same thanks khan