What are common comma errors?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Putting too many commas, putting commas on the wrong places and puting no commas.

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Q: What are common comma errors?
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What are the three most common types of sentences errors?

Fragments, comma splice, and run-on sentences are the three most common types of sentence errors.

Do you put the common before the conjunction or after it?

The most common structure is to place the comma before the conjunction when it is connecting two independent clauses. This is known as the Oxford comma. However, the placement of the comma can vary depending on style guides and personal preference.

What is the scientific or common name for the Lepidoptera known as the Common anglewing?

The accepted scientific or common name is Polygonia comma.

Why did Zorna flunk his grammar test?

she had no comma sense (no common sense)

Do you enter a comma before the word which but also after a date?

A comma is generally used before "which" in non-restrictive clauses, but not when it introduces a restrictive clause. As for dates, it is common to include a comma after the year when it is followed by additional information in a sentence.

What is the least common multiple between eight comma nine and 24?


Is there a comma between a name and a noun?

In English grammar, when addressing someone by their name followed by a noun, it is common to include a comma. For example: "Sarah, pass me the book."

Is there a comma in please find attached?

No, there is no comma in "please find attached." It is a common phrase used in email communication to indicate that a file or document is included with the message.

What is the difference between a run on and a comma splice?

A run-on sentence occurs when two independent clauses are connected without proper punctuation or conjunctions. A comma splice, on the other hand, happens when two independent clauses are incorrectly joined with a comma but without a coordinating conjunction. Both errors result in choppy or confusing sentences.

Do you put a comma after the second word in a sequence of 3?

It can be either way, although it is more common to leave out the comma. The comma, if used, is called the Oxford comma, the Harvard comma(,) or the serial comma, where the first two refer to prestigious universities and the third refers to the series of items.

Is there a comma before and in a list?

Yes, it is common to use a comma before "and" when listing items in a series. This comma is known as the Oxford comma and can help to avoid confusion and clarify the items in the list.

Do you always use a comma after a year?

No, a comma is not always required after a year. It depends on the sentence structure and style guide you are following. In general writing, it is more common to see a comma after a year if it is part of a complete date (e.g., "January 1, 2022").