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You should know that things don't have to be this way. Things can change, things can get better. You've taken a good first step and realized there is a problem. Better yet, you are reaching out for help. You should find out why you are depressed. Is it work? School? Relationships? Money? Sickness? Life in general? If you have a depressed feeling you can't shake and there seems to be nothing that is directly causing it, then you may have a depressive disorder. Go see a Doctor Who can help you, and find out if there is anything physical that can be fixed to help your depression. Seeking counselling is also a good idea. You can also read about depression online and get a better feel of what you are dealing with. You should also discuss your feelings and thoughts about suicide and depression with family or someone you trust. There's always hope and there will be at least one person who understands you and why you feel that way. You should also know that you are not alone in your feelings. There are thousands of people who go through the struggles you feel. Remember that depression is not a joke and should be taken seriously by those around you. If they don't understand that then it's best not to be around those people. Also remember depression isn't something that you should be ashamed of. Just because it is a mental disorder doesn't mean you are crazy, or a wimp. Please read the related links and call the depression hotline if you feel like you are going to kill yourself.

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Q: What can I do I am depressed and want to kill myself?
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Is it hard to commit suicide?

If you have the guts to kill yourself then no. But mainly people commit suicide when they are depressed or when they are not living a good life. But it depends......

What should you do if you are having thoughts of suicide but are not really depressed?

That doesnt make sense you probably either are depressed or really want attention.... tell some one about it and talk to you parent s about antidepressants even if you arent depressed and or are really stressed it will SERIOUSLY help big time.

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Why people committed suicide?

People commit suicide becasue they become too depressed to want to live anymore. They don't want to be in pain anymore.

Are you suicidal if you want to die but not to kill yourself?

You are not "suicidal" because you do not want to "kill yourself". It sounds like you are depressed. Everyone feels unhappy and depressed at some point in life. It is what you do with it that counts. Right off you need to talk to a trusted adult and ask for help. Get counseling. Learn how to handle what you are feeling. Feelings are OK and all of us feel unhappy, sad, mad, upset, lost, and other things in life, but it is what we do with the feelings that makes a difference. Start a diary to express your feelings, draw and write in it, and express what you want out of life. Get out of house and take a walk, go for a swim, ride a bike, talk to people just sitting there with your computer makes it worse. Life is an interesting place with many things in it to see, do, and feel. Get going NOW.

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