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Lower case numerals have the same values as upper case numerals but normally you don't mix them together.

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Q: What do lower case Roman numerals identify?
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What does a lower case I mean in roman numerals?

Lower case Roman numerals have exactly the same value as upper case numerals

Are there Roman numerals in small case?

No, Roman numerals are traditionally written in uppercase letters.

What is the lower case roman numeral for 5?

The number 5 in lower case roman numerals is v.

What is the example of Roman Block Letters?

Presumably this is in reference to upper case Roman numerals rather than lower case numerals. For example: MMVIII (upper case) and mmviii (lower case) but they both have the same numerical value of 2008.

Are lower case roman numerals used to describe major or minor chords?


What is the value of xxvii in roman numerals?

XXVII or lower case xxvii both have the equivalent value of 27

What is after the lower case roman numerals in an outline?

I know that a lowercase i comes after the lowercase a, but I'm not sure what comes after that.

What is 23 in numerals?

'Numerals???' Are we talking of Roman Numerals. In which case 23 = XXIII

How do you number a report using roman numerals for the preliminary pages?

You use lower case roman numerals. For example, page 2 would be page ii and page 4 would be page iv.

What is cclxxxi in Roman Numerals?

CCLXXXI = 281 I don't think using lower case characters changes the numerical value.

What is the ic configuration of and?

Presumably you'r asking the question: What does ic represent in Roman numerals? The lower case numerals for IC is ic, they both have the same numerical value and that is 99.

What is mdcccxxxix in roman numerals?

These numerals are supposed to represent 1839 in Roman numerals. But in reality 1839 in Roman numerals is mdcccxxxviiii (1839) or ixlcmm (-161+2000). Capital case numerals are more preferable but they both have the same values.