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Q: What does NVC inside a ring meanand the number 7?
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What does nvc 9 mean on my ring?

Is my ring real?

What does nvc inside of a ring mean?

I found a unique ring with the markings of 925 NVC 6...925(92.5%) means it is sterling silver and is the purest form of silver typically used in Jewelry making...The only thing I have been able to find on NVC is that there is a Distinctive handcrafted Jewelry designer named Nataliya V Collister...among other things she exclusively uses this type of silver....don't know what the "6" means yet.

I have a ring that says nvc 8 is it real?


What is nvc 6 on ring it says it?

NVC are initials of the owner Nataliya V Collister. Nataliya is based in Kingston, Jamaica, and designs and makes all the pieces herself. 6 is the size of the ring.

What does 9 nvc stand for on a ring?

size 9 and designer is Nataliya Collister

Are NVC rings expensive?

NVC is a Maker's Mark, indentifying the designer. In this case, NVC stands for Nataliya V Collister. While authentic NVC rings can certainly be true silver, the NVC itself does not mean "sterling silver" as this person suggested. To answer your question, it depends on the ring itself. NVC rings are typically affordable, but there are more expensive styles. I suggest taking your jewelry to a reputable jeweler for an appraisal, if you want a realistic and accurate dollar amount assigned to it.

How much is a nvc ring worth?

It can range from 15 to 500 depending. Definitely worth going to get it appraised.

What does NVC stamped on a diamond like necklace mean?

WhAt does a pendant stamped NVC mean

What does nvc mean on a sterling silver ring?

It means somebody stamped "NVC" on it.NVC are the initials of a particular jewelry designer (Nataliya V Collister), but marks of this type are among the easiest things to fake, so it doesn't necessarily mean that it was actually designed by that person.

What is jewelry mark nvc?

It is from a Jamaican Designer Nataliya V Collister

What are the natural resources the Red Sea has?

jxnc hsjvb,mhcnjbg,jnbvck, nvc

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