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Q: What is a bank allotment number?
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What is the number of applications for allotment of Huda plots in karnal sector 32?

57449The number of application for allotment of Huda plots is 24148.

What is group sales allotment?

The number of rooms set aside for group and tour business is commonly called group sales allotment.

Sentences with the word allotment?

Example sentences for the noun 'allotment':An allotment of water was distributed to each tornado victim.We calculated the grant allotment at twelve dollars per student.We were able to purchase it with a government allotment.

What is the procedure for allotment of shares?

what is the procedure of allotment of shares?

What is the procedure of allotment of shares?

what is the procedure of allotment of shares?

How do you get an allotmant?

in order to get an allotment,you go to your local council,ring or email them and ask them if you can apply to be added to the allotment waiting list for your chosen area.they get in touch with you telling you how many is on the list and your number on the list.

Use the word allotment in a sentence?

I can put allotment in a sentence.

What is the duration of Allotment Wives?

The duration of Allotment Wives is 1.33 hours.

What is a sentence with the word allotment?

His allot want her allotment of time for study to be 3 hours. She tried to keep her allotment of time for study at three hours or less. In order to balance his budget, he decreased his allotment of money for fun things.

When was Allotment Wives created?

Allotment Wives was created on 1945-11-08.

When was Kumpula Allotment Garden created?

Kumpula Allotment Garden was created in 1927.