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There are a lot of places:

1. but you can start with Mathew 12:33-37

it says among other things that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and verse 36 and 37 gives serious warning that we will account for every idle word we speak on the day of judgement. Then verse 37 summarizes it all; for by our words we will be justified and by our words we will be condemned.

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Q: What is a good Bible verse to send to people telling them not to cuss?
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Is cussing a sin?

yes! read ephesians 4:29 The Bible doesnt specify any particular word, so if you use a "swear word" in a good meaning, then it's okay. Right? Like, "You are so f**king funny!" Or something to that effect. Cuss words are only as bad as you mean them to be.

What does hot cross buns have to do with Jesus?

Hot cross buns have something too do with Jesus because of the cross in the middle, because Jesus died on a cross so that is why there is a cross in the middle of a hot cross bun.that is so wrong cuss i was asking bout the song

What are all the things the Bible tell us not to do?

The Ten Commandments are ten things we are commanded to do. These are located in Exodus 20:1-17. v3: You shall have no other gods before me v4: You shall not make for yourself an idol v7: You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain (Cuss, curse, etc.) v8: Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy v12:honor your father and mother v13:You shall not murder v14:You shall not commit adultery (Cheat on spouse/lust) v15:You shall not steal v16:You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor (lie) v17:You shall not covet (want what others have) If you read some of Exodus, you'll find more things that the Bible tells us not to do, as well as the consequences. For example: Anyone who strikes a man and kills him shall surely be put to death. (Exodus 21:12) Some consequences might have changed, since the book was written around 1440 b.c. I'll let you read it for yourself if you choose. -Kiley

How did curse words come about?

Swearing originated from the natural human desire to exclaim if things go wrong or hurt. Derogatory descriptions, insults, and exclamations were included along the way, to verbally express upsetting emotions, especially anger. Sometimes these were aimed at other individuals or groups, or to no one in particular. "Dirty" or offensive words have a variety of sources, from names for fecal matter, to sexual or anatomical descriptions, to illicit or unsavory behavior. Some sources are apocryphal and many are "backronyms" (explanations that occur well after the word is in common use). Example : s hit Backronym : For the transport of manure by ship, it was dried first. However, it could regain moisture from leaks and give off methane gas. The gas would collect in the hold and sometimes explode. To avoid this manure shipments would be labeled "Store High In Transit". Language is a magical thing - it allows us to know what another person is thinking. (No animal has language, or anything like it). Sometimes the words we say even make things happen in the real world. When a Justice of the Peace says 'I now pronounce you man and wife' his words end your single status. (This is called Deictic language). Because language is so powerful, people are naturally afraid of certain words. Usually these words will be about processes that people fear anyway (again because they are powerful). People fear sex, because it can mess your life up. They fear excretion, because it can contaminate you. And they fear God, because most gods in history have been downright mean. So sex, excretion and God cover most cuss words. Technically, "curse words" are words that put a curse on you. Even non-superstitious people don't like being put under a curse. The impact of hurtful words can be as painful as being physically struck. This has had a civilizing effect, allowing angry people to 'fight' each other with words instead of fists. Therefore, we should be glad there is cursing, swearing and dirty words available to release strong emotions without physical damage to people or property!

How many words can you spell from Santa Claus?

Here are some words that can be created from the letters in Santa Claus: act acts actual actual alas alt alts an ant anta ants as aslant assault at atlas aunt aunts can canal canals canasta cans canst cant cants canula casas cast casts casual cat cats caul cauls causal clan clans class cult cults cuss cut cutlas cutlass cuts la lacuna lass last lat lust lusts nasal natal nu nut nuts sac sacs salsa salt salts sans sat sauna saunas scan scans scant scat slant slants slat slats stun stuns sultan sultan sultana sultans sun suns ta talc talcs talus tan tans tau tuna tunas ulna ulnas

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Did the bible say to not cuss?


Why is it called cussing?

Cuss is an American variation of the word "curse." Cursing is wishing people ill, telling them you hope that they have bad luck.

When do people cuss?

people cuss when they're mad >:( or get annoyed

Do people cuss because they have to?

if you ask me they don't cuss they have too, its usaly because they grew up around people who cuss, so they get it naturally. but some times when people really get hurt they cuss on accident. And sometimes people cuss so muck i dosent even matter any more to them. so no people don't cuss because they have too.

How many times does the average person cuss?

depends on the average person. i personally don't cuss that much, but i know people who cuss every sentence they say.

What is the difference between curse and cursed in the Bible?

curse is to swear or cuss as tocursed is tobe dammed

How did the word hell turn into a cuss word?

people started using it as a cuss word.and then it became one.

Why do people cuss at your school?

people cuss at your school because they want to be the ''cool kid''. But if you hear them say anything else ask an adult, you will be the stronger person!

How come kids can't cuss?

It's not good manners! I know some people cuss as early as 10. It's not good but not bad. People take it offensively and you don't want to offend people

Does Leo Howard cuss?

Most people do swear. Leo might cuss and sometimes but I really don't know. He might and he might not it depends.

How do you get in habbocom at school?

teachers might not let you because you are bound to cuss sometimes and other people cuss. i love habbo.comm.its awsome thogh. -

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big bus, people cuss,