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A number sentence is a mathematical equation, such as 2x6+5x4=32.

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Q: What is a sentence that has the term Number sentence?
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How do you use the term coordination number in a sentence?

well you just say it

What word for prison sentence?

The "TERM" of your sentence.

What does the term agreement mean grammar?

In grammar, an agreement refers to the relationship between words in a sentence, where they have to match in features like number, gender, or person. This ensures that the elements in a sentence are in harmony and the sentence is grammatically correct.

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The adjective in the sentence is "twenty-five," as it describes the number of students attending the reading class.

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A slang term for a prison sentence is "doing time."

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Someone uses the word 'term' in a sentence as a synonym for word. For example, Shogun is a term for a military commander of Japan.

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I'm not familiar with that term.

Is 7x8 a number sentence?

it is not a number sentence because number sentences have to have an answer to make 7x8 a number sentence it has to be 7x8=56

What is a extended sentence in grammar?

There is no such thing as an "extended sentence" in grammar. "Extended sentence" is a legal term, not a grammatical term.

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No, the term "digital mail" should not be capitalized in a sentence unless it is at the beginning of a sentence or included in a title.

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Term number: A number that tells the position of a term in a pattern

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