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Q: What is the name of the calendar system which you use today?
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What impact did the Sumerian calendar have on today's society?

The Sumariens created the calendar that we use today.

Did the incas make the calendar?

No. The mayans made the calendar and this calendar is what we use today.

What calendar does china use today?

The Mr gazzi calendar

How is the Ancient Greek calendar different from the calendar you use today?

I can't see "this" calendar.

What calendar is a leap year a part of?

It is the Gregorian calendar which we use today

What is the calendar you use today called?

the Gregorian calendar says my text book

What is the name of the calendar you use in us?

gregorian calendar

Who invented the roman calendar?

It is believed to have been created by Romulus, the founder of Rome. Several different forms of it evolved during the 700 years it was in use before it was finally reformed by Julius Caesar into the Julian calendar, which is extremely similar to, but less accurate than, the Gregorian calendar we use today. The original Roman calendar's founder is unknown as it was a date calculating system that was traditional. The calendar that we know today as the Roman calendar, the Julian Calendar, was reorganized by Julius Caesar.

Who developed calendar?

The calendar we use today was made by the Romans under Julius Caesar, thus, it is called the Julian calendar.

Which culture drew up the calendar we use today with 365 days in year?

If you mean 365.25 days in a year then it was the Romans who introduced the calendar that we now use today.

What months do we still use in today's calendar from the Roman calendar by Caesar?

All of the English month names are based on the Latin names of the Roman months. The calendar we use is the Gregorian calendar. It derives its name from Pope Gregory XIII who introduced some minor modifications to the Julian calendar in the 16th century. This means that we use a slightly modified version of the calendar introduced by Julius Caesar.

What is the name of the calendar that you use today that gives us an extra day in February every four years?

A Leap Year.

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