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Loads of jobs, from digging oil to becoming a doctor. Nowadays lots of companies are looking for people with numerical sense and the ability to think logically, so there are loads of job oppurtunities.

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Q: What jobs can you get with a master's degree in mathematics?
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What is an MM degree?

In mathematics an MM degree stand for a Masters of Mathematics. Lowercase mm stand for millimeters.

What type of degree is required to become an engineer?

A bachelor's degree is required when entering any basic engineerig job, a masters degree in science or mathematics will get higher paying jobs than just having a bachelors degree.

If you have a bachelors degree in science can you get a masters in nutrition?

Once you have a bachelor degree, you can get a masters degree in whatever you wish. The masters degree will help you get better paying jobs.

What will it take to be a math teacher?

you have to earn a masters degree in mathematics.

What non teaching jobs can you get with a masters degree in physical education?

There are a number of non-teaching jobs that you can get with a masters degree in physical education. Some jobs include fitness training jobs, athletic administration jobs and exercise physiology jobs.

What education is necessary for actuarial jobs?

You need economics,statistics and mathematics. You can opt for actuarial science as a course or as can do masters in it . Depending upon the place u want to do it from ,

What kind of jobs can you obtain with a Masters Degree in Family Financial Planning?


What does MMS after a doctor's name mean?

Masters in Medical Science

What jobs can someone get with a Ph.D or Masters Degree or Bachlors Degree?

with a PhD you can almost have any job it depends on what field you have the dagree in .

Can someone explain in a in-depth explanation of What a masters degree of General Studie program includes?

A masters degree in a General Studies program entails the study of human behavior, and advanced studies in psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, and mathematics.

Are masters degrees necessary for secondary teaching jobs?

Yes, you do need a masters degree to teach elementry/secondary teaching jobs. First, it is recommended to get your bachelor's first. There are different masters degrees. In some cases, the only difference between a certificate and masters is as little as 15 credits.

What are the qualifications need for obtaining Treasury jobs?

To obtain treasury jobs one would usually require a minimum of a bachelors degree in accounting or finance. A masters degree in finance or accounting is recommended.