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In the King James version

639 words appear 4 times. Some of these are tenses or cases of words which appear in their more usual form - the past tense of 'abase' - abased - appears 4 times, for instance; as does the possessive case of Benjamin - Benjamin's.

As to the other words - here's a sample of some

  1. the word - adder - appears 4 times
  2. the word - barefoot - appears 4 times
  3. the word - Cana - appears 4 times
  4. the word - debtor - appears 4 times
  5. the word - easy - appears 4 times
  6. the word - farewell - appears 4 times
  7. the word - Gabriel - appears 4 times
  8. the word - happen - appears 4 times
  9. the word - ink - appears 4 times
  10. the word - jaw - appears 4 times
  11. the word - knock - appears 4 times
  12. the word - lintel - appears 4 times
  13. the word - mammon - appears 4 times
  14. the word - neglect - appears 4 times
  15. the word - Omega - appears 4 times
  16. the word - plumbline - appears 4 times
  17. the word - quarrel - appears 4 times
  18. the word - reject - appears 4 times
  19. the word - saddle - appears 4 times
  20. the word - unmarried - appears 4 times
  21. the word - vapour - appears 4 times
  22. the word - web - appears 4 times
  23. the word - yellow - appears 4 times
  24. the word - Zachariah - appears 4 times
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Q: What was mentioned in the Bible only 4 times excluding Jehovah?
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Is David the most mentioned name in the Bible?

No, the most mentioned name in the original Holy Scriptures is the name JEHOVAH (the name of God), mentioned over 7000 times.The name Jehovah is in the Bible even more times than the name Jesus. The name Jehovah is in the Bible even more times than all the titles of God combined (ie God, Almighty, Creator, Most High, Father, Lord, etc)The name David is in the Bible just barely over 1,000 times.

How many times is Jehovah mentioned in the Witnesses bible?

Over 7,000 times. Some or most translations have removed His name and replaced it with Lord.

Where in the kings James bible isjehovahs name mentioned?

'Jehovah' occurs 7 times in the Old Testament of the KJV Bible; 3 times in combination with another Hebrew word, and 4 times alone

How many times is 'Jehovah' mentioned in the King James Bible?

In the KJV it is found 7 times in Old Testament books. It is not found in the newer and revised NKJV. However, the brand new DNKJB (Divine Name King James Bible) has 'restored' the name 'Jehovah' 6,972 times.

How many times is the fear of god mentioned in the bible?

'the fear of God' is mentioned 84 times in the Bible. 'fear of God' is mentioned 86 times in the Bible. 'fear the Lord' is mentioned 186 times in the Bible. 'fear God' is mentioned 134 times in the Bible. Total - 490

How many times is the word Jehovah in the Bible?

The word "Jehovah" does not appear in the original Hebrew or Greek texts of the Bible. It is a modern English translation of the Hebrew name for God, represented by the Tetragrammaton YHWH. The exact number of times YHWH appears in the Bible varies depending on the translation, but it is typically translated as "the Lord" or "God" in most English versions.

How many times is inheritance mentioned in The Bible?

Inheritance is mentioned 203 times in the Bible.

How many times are letters mentioned in the Bible?

Excluding the Epistles - which are letters,In the King James versionthe word - letter - appears 37 timesthe word - letters - appears 34 times

How many times is the word tribe mentioned in the bible?

How many times is the word worry we find in the Bible Bible

How many times is water mentioned in the Bible?

1.000 times was water mentioned in the bible

How many times is Zion mentioned in bible?

Zion is mentioned 160 times in the KJV Bible.

How many times is 'I' mentioned in the Bible?

It is mentioned 12,440 times.