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The Kepler Space Mission was named after Johannes Kepler. Johannes Kepler was an astronomy. The Kepler Space Mission is a mission to search for a habitable earth like orbiting star.

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Q: What was named after Johannes Kepler?
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What is the Kepler telescope named for?

It is named after the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630).

Are there any museums named after Johannes Kepler?

no there are not

Did Johannes Kepler discover Kepler planets?

No, Johannes Kepler is best known for describing the laws that dictate how orbits work. The Kepler planets were discovered by the Kepler telescope, a spacecraft named in his honor.

Who was the first to propose elliptical orbits of the planets?

Johannes Kepler

Astronomer who discovered that planets orbit the sun in an ellipse rather than a perfect circle?

Johannes Kepler

How did Kepler the planet get its name?

There is no planet named Kepler. There are, however, many planets with designations such as Kepler-22b. These planets are named as such because they were discovered using the Kepler spacecraft. The spacecraft is named after Johannes Kepler, a 16th-17th century astronomer who defined the laws of planetary motion.

Is Johannes Kepler a chemist?

No. Johannes Kepler was an astronomer and mathematician.

What did Johannes Kepler believe in?

Johannes Kepler Believed that you would SMD.....

Who discovered that planets have elliptical orbits?

Johannes Kepler proposed that these planets orbit the sun in ellipses, not circles. That is why we have Kepler's Law of Planetary Motion.

When was Johannes Kepler born?

Johannes Kepler was born on December 27, 1571.

What is Johannes Kepler's birthday?

Johannes Kepler was born on December 27, 1571.

When Johannes Kepler graduate from college?

Johannes Kepler never gradueted from college