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''The Four Apostles,'' also known as ''The Four Holy Men,'' is a painting by Albrecht D

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Q: Who were the four apostles?
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When was The Four Apostles created?

The Four Apostles was created in 1526.

Who were the first four apostles?

John, Peter, Mark, and Paul Another Answer: The first four apostles were Peter, Andrew, James, and John. All four of the men were fishermen and James and John were brothers.

How did The Twelve Apostles turn to four?

The apostles went diffrent ways , Peter was in Rome, Thomas in India, Philip in Africa and so they became a small group. of four later on.

What are the first four books of the bible called?

The first four books in the newtestament are called the book of the apostles.

Where is Thomas mentioned in the Bible?

In the four Gospels as one of the Apostles - called the twin.

Who are the twenty four elders in bible?

The 12 tribes of Israel and the twelve apostles

Why did DΓΌrer place John in the forefront in his Four Apostles?

He was Luther's favorite apostle

Is the Apostles Creed the same as the Acts of the Apostles?

The Apostle's Creed is a statement of beliefs used by several Christian denominations including Catholicism. The Acts of the Apostles is a book in the New Testament of the Bible. It is normally placed immediately after the four gospel books and follows the early ministry of the apostles after the resurrection of Jesus.

What are the divisions of the New Testament that correspond to the four genres?

* The Gospels* The Acts of the Apostles* The Letters* The book of Revelation

The author of Acts of the Apostles also wrote which of the four Gospels?

A:The author of Acts of the Apostles, whose name is unknown to us but is traditionally assumed to be Luke, also wrote Luke's Gospel.

What good things did Saint Luke do?

Luke wrote one of the four canonical Gospels as well as the Acts of the Apostles.

How did the twelve apostles became an apostles?

jesus made them his apostles

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