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Clocks do not always show the number 4 in this way. However, the stricter rules which modern society applies to the expression of Roman numerals are only a fairly recent change. back when Roman numerals were being etched on Roman buildings, it was not uncommon to see a number such as 400 expressed as CCCC, even though today we would express it as 100 before 500, i.e. CD. See for more about the history and rules of Roman numerals.

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Q: Why do clocks using roman numerals depict the number four as IIII?
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What are the 3 uses of Roman Numerals?

on clocks,roman time, and walls on clocks,roman time, and walls on clocks,roman time, and walls

Why do church clocks have roman numerals?

There are a lot of clocks that have Roman numerals---not JUST churches. Originally it may have been a continuation of the archaic designs of sundials. Many clocks today have Roman numerals because it makes them look old and classy. Also some clocks with Roman Numerals will have the 4 written as "IV" and some as "IIII". This odd dichotomy has no firm explanation.

Which Roman numerals depict the year 1991?


Why don't you use roman numerals?

They're great for clocks, but try doing basic calculations with them. The Romans had no representation for the number zero. It was the Greeks who invented Zero as a number. Therefore calculations with Roman numerals is extremely difficult.

Why do some watches and clocks have roman numerals?

Simple decoration

What is 1221 in Roman numerals?

The numbers 1221 in Roman numerals is MCCXXI. Roman numerals is the numeric system that was used in ancient Rome and is still used on some clocks and watches.

What are roman numerals used for?

Basically they are used to dignify and differentiate. For example, the cornerstone of a building many times has Roman numerals, the names of royalty have Roman numerals, such as Elizabeth II, some watches and clocks, especially grandfather clocks, many times Roman numerals are used in the introduction to books to differentiate them from the standard page numbers.

What are facts about roman numerals?

There is no zero.Whenever a smaller number is to the left of a greater number, the smaller number gets subtracted from the greater number. Example: XC = 90 (100 - 10)A line over the top of a Roman numeral means it is multiplied by 1000.

Where do you find Hindu-Arabic numeral And Roman numerals?

For instance on clocks and watches.

Why are Roman numerals used on clocks?

Tradition, and the more formal look it gives them.

What is the number one in Roman numerals?

The number one is I in roman numerals.

What number is A in Roman Numerals?

A does not have an equivalent in Roman numerals.