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Because people get "Depressed" & think life isn't important anymore... :(

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Q: Why do middle aged people commit suicide?
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How many kids commit suicide because of bullying in the UK?

about 300 children aged 8-16 commit suicide every year.

How did Thomas Edison commit suicide?

Thomas Edison did not commit suicide, he died at his home in West Orange, New Jersey on the 18th October 1931 aged 84.

What are popular suicide methods for middle aged men?

Suicide methods for men vary from country to country. In Hong Kong, for example, jumping from tall buildings is the preferred method. Whereas in the United States of America, men prefer to commit suicide by means of shooting themselves in the head with a gun.

What did the middle aged people write with?


Suicide rate in North America?

Suicide rates in North America today occur most often in middle-aged adults. Suicide is now the leading cause of death in America.

What is a summary of The Suicide's Wife?

An unsuccessful middle-aged college professor commits suicide, leaving his wife to cope with guilt, shame, and an angry teenage son who blames her for his father's death.

Is middle-age or middle-aged correct?


What is the word for people in their forties?

People in their forties are commonly referred to as "middle-aged."

Who has the highest suicide rate of any age group?

Adults aged 45-64 have the highest suicide rate of any age group in most high-income countries. This age group is often referred to as the "middle-aged crisis" period where individuals may face significant life changes and pressures, leading to an increased risk of suicide.

What is the definition of middle aged people?

depends on what you thinkwould you consider yourself middle aged?would you say that your dog is middle aged?nobody knows who is middle aged until they die, which is when it's too if anyone asks you what is middle aged tell them that they can go die and then you'll tell them, you can do it, and it will help.does the crow not fly?does the dog not bark?feed the crow free the dog, and unleash the soul within youyou're not middle aged unless you feel middle agedand you don't know you're middle aged until you die!so don't worry live your life and be middle agedbe who you want to beand love life

What groups of british people watches the most hours of television?

Middle aged

What group of British people watches the most hours of television?

Middle aged