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Q: What is an example of a crown and pinion?
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How rack and pinion is used for indexing mechanism?

you need a rack and pinion nut breaker to which you fix a pinion at the free end ie where nut is placed to be cracked. This is because you need to convert reciprocating motion of the rack and pinion mechanism built in the nut cracker into circular motion. Attach the nut cracker to the collect chuck shaft through the bore of the additional pinion you installed at the free end of the cracker. When you punch the nut cracker vide its handle once it moves the pinion one tooth on the rack. Thus you can rotate ( ie give angular motion to ) the fixed workpiece from one tooth or as many teeth as you like., depending on the pitch of the threads on the rack and pinion. mazHur

What is bull gear mechanism?

In a rack and pinion system, a bull gear is typically the last reduction gear in the geartrain. It transmits torque to an output pinion which is in contact with a rack.

When to change a rack and pinion?

Change a rack and pinion when they begin to show signs of wear; check on them every few months. Modern racks and pinions last over three years.

What is interference in gears?

Interference in gears is mating of two non-conjugate or non-involute tooth profiles. Basically when the tip of pitch circle of pinion O1 tries to dig out (interfere with) the tooth of the gear wheel O2 .

What is bourdon tube pressure gauge?

An elastic transducer, that is bourdon tube which is fixed and open at one end to receive the pressure which is to be measured. The other end of the bourdon tube is free and closed. The cross-section of the bourdon tube is eliptical. The bourdon tube is in a bent form to look like a circular arc. To the free end of the bourdon tube is attached an adjustable link, which is inturn connected to a sector and pinion as shown in diagram. To the shaft of the pinion is connected a pointer which sweeps over a pressure calibrated scale.

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