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Extract puuls the air ,exhaust push the air

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Q: What is the difference between extract fan and exhaust fan?
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What is the difference between induced and forced draft cooling tower?

Induced draft --- A mechanical draft tower with a fan at the discharge (at the top) which pulls air up through the tower. The fan induces hot moist air out the discharge. This produces low entering and high exiting air velocities, reducing the possibility of recirculation in which discharged air flows back into the air intake. This fan/fin arrangement is also known as draw-through. (see Image 3)Forced draft --- A mechanical draft tower with a blower type fan at the intake. The fan forces air into the tower, creating high entering and low exiting air velocities. The low exiting velocity is much more susceptible to recirculation. With the fan on the air intake, the fan is more susceptible to complications due to freezing conditions. Another disadvantage is that a forced draft design typically requires more motor horsepower than an equivalent induced draft design. The benefit of the forced draft design is its ability to work with high static pressure. Such setups can be installed in more-confined spaces and even in some indoor situations. This fan/fill geometry is also known as blow-through.

What is the difference between machine and equipment?

Machines are devices that need a person's attention when operating. Equipment are devices that do not need this attention. Examples: a refrigerator is equipment, a steel cutter is machine, a stove is equipment, a computer or a fax are machines; we call it anyway, "fax machine". Your car is machine/you operate it; your house, though, is "equipped with A/C and fan" because you do not pay attention to them when operating. The water heater is equipment. The pressure washer is machine, the air-compressor is equipment.

The static pressure in my ductwork is 0.5 H2O supplied by a 500 cfm fan but I need an additional 1 H2O with no additional cfm will an additional fan with a 500 cfm rating work?

Okay, to get the static pressure in your duct to from 0.5" water gauge (w.g.) to 1.5"w.g., you could add another fan in series. Or, depending on your existing fan and motor size, you may be able to speed up your current fan to the pressure value desired. Additional airflow would be dampered down.

Which way should a fan spin?

It depends on how the fan blades are angled. If there angled right at 45 degrees then it should spin clockwise but if angled left 45 degrees anticlockwise. Please improve this answer since i am 11.

Why are fan wings slightly curved?

loose wikianswer u cannot display the answer

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What is the difference between exhaust and ventilation fan?

Exhaust fan is only use for exhaust the old air, while ventilation fan is use for both purpose intake and exhaust.

What is difference between fan and exhaust?

Fan is the thing that makes air to the cooling metal things, the ones that carrys the water. Exhaust is the thing it puts out all the noise.

Exhaust Fan?

form_title= Exhaust Fan form_header= Repair or replace an exhaust fan. Do you need to repair an existing exhaust fan?*= () Yes () No Do you want an exhaust fan that is Energy-Star compliant?*= () Yes () No How old is your existing exhaust fan?*= _ [50]

Bledder exhaust fan?

What is your question? I have no clue what a Bledder Exhaust Fan is.

What is exhaust fan in computer?

An exhaust fan is a system fan that blows (usually warm) air out of the computer.

Should a dry sauna have a exhaust fan?

A dry sauna does not need a exhaust fan

What is the difference between ID and FD fan?


What is the difference between facebook fan page and business page?

There is no difference.

Do a section 8 housing have to have an exhaust fan in the bathroom and the kitchen?

You must either have an exhaust fan or a window in the bathroom, and a range exhaust hood over the stove, or an exhaust fan that drives away any smoke, in the kitchen.

When you are turned what is out will not get in and what is in will not get out what are you?

exhaust fan

Bath Exhaust Fan Repair?

form_title=Bath Exhaust Fan Repair form_header=6933 What would be a good description for the problems with bathroom exhaust fan?*= [] No power to fixture [] Not exhausting air properly [] Tripping circuit breaker/short [] Heater element not functioning [] Unnecessary noise or vibration [] Exhaust ducting is dislocated [] Other What is the type of bath exhaust fan in need of repair?*= () "Standard exhaust fan () Combination fan and heater () Combination fan and light () Combination fan, heater and light () Other () Don't Know"

How the exhaust fan rotates?

An exhaust fan will rotate in either direction depending on which way you want the airflow to go.

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What is the difference between exhaust and ventilation fan?

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