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A degree in Engineering or in Mechanical Engineering

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Q: What type of degree do you need to be a mechanical engineer designer?
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What kind of educational background do you need for mechanical engineering?

a background in engineering, such as uni degree and maths and physics electives

What is the percent of growth of mechanical engineering?

The job opportunities for mechanical engineers are outstanding. Nationwide, demand for all types of engineers remains well above the average for all other professions. And the mechanical engineers are in even greater demand than most other types of engineers. The U.S. Department of Labor expects that America will need as many as 87,000 new mechanical engineers by the time today's high school seniors graduate. Traditionally, high demand means high salaries. On average, a mechanical engineer who is just starting out in the profession can expect to earn about $51,000 a year. Within several years, that annual salary can jump to an average of over $70,000. These estimates come from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and reflect nationwide survey results. High demand also means greater opportunities to do interesting work. Because there is so much mechanical engineering work to go around, may young mechanical engineers usually have their choice of good jobs at the beginning of their careers. High demand for mechanical engineers also means the flexibility to do the work you like to do, and live where you want to. Since machines and mechanical systems are almost everywhere, mechanical engineers can usually find employment where they want to live. Traditionally, mechanical engineering - like all engineering professions - was almost the exclusive province of men. But today the opportunities for women in mechanical engineering are great. Today women comprise about 8 percent of the mechanical engineering profession. But they make up about 18 percent of the class of first-year mechanical engineering students. This means that the percentage of women in the profession will be growing quickly. Many schools are offering special scholarships and programs to attract women to engineering. Companies and organizations are actively recruiting women engineers, and offering high salaries and benefits to attract the best.

What degrees do you need?

I assume you are speaking of a college degree, right? Well if you are then I believe your question is incomplete. I believe you should be asking your self what degree you would need to do something specific. For example if you want to be a doctor, then you probably need a degree in biology or chemistry and then go to med-school. If you would like to be a computer programmer you should probably go get a computer science degree. One thing I would highly recommend is of course, get a degree in something you would enjoy doing. This degree should also be something that can contribute to society. You have to be able to bring something to the table when you go and apply for a job. If you get a degree which meets the two of these criteria then you should be able to make a descent living. I guess what I'm trying to say is use common sense. Getting a degree in something useless like Native American Pottery will probably just take up time and money with very little return on investment.

Do mechanical engineers invent weapons?

I'm not near college, but I am fairly aware of these things... There is a career titled "Weapons Engineer", as there are different types of weapons and such, you would need different backgrounds in engineering. Mechanical Engineering: This leans more towards hand-held weapons (handguns, assault rifles, etc.) but it can also mean mounted weapons (.50 calibers) Electrical Engineering: This will lean more towards radar, radar jamming, smart weapons, etc. Now the bigger your looking for (missiles, rockets) the more you will want to think about Aerospace Engineering... I hope that, that had answered your question... but like I had said I'm not near college... I am in the 8th grade, but I want to do something of engineering or architecture so I am well read up on this.

What is the importance of computing in mechanical engineering?

Computer Engineering is the science of programming. Mechanical Engineering is a wide field that covers subjects from material properties (used in everything from developing chips to earth-moving machines). A typical Mechanical Engineer will have a variety of skills that envolve "dynamics", "statics", and a lot of other fun stuff. However, to know how to program things that involve Mechanical Engineering, you would need to know a fair amount of the subject. Knowing how to program something without knowing how it works would best an interprerter. I have an electronic, electrical, and chemical background; however I know how to program a lot of things and have a few computer languages under my belt. My experience is that to know the real world around you and knowing some languages is a lot more helpful than just programming. Of course, I am a little biased, but if you see my logic, you can see that knowing Engineering helps you to understand the world around you and you become a much more effective programmer or Systems manager. Life is difficult, Love difficult.

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What degree does a mechanical engineer need?

A degree in mechanical engineering!

What kind of education do you need to be a mechanical engineer?

To become a mechanical engineer all you need is a bachelor's degree

What degree is needed for a mechanical engineers?

They need a bachelors degree as a entry-level Mechanical Engineer

What college degree would you need to build weapons?

To build weapons, you would need an engineering degree. A mechanical engineer, systems engineer, nuclear engineer, or aeronautical engineer could play a part in the design and construction of weapons.

What degree do you need to be able to join the coast guard?

To join in Coast Guard that to officer grade either you do Naval Architeture, Marine Engineer,Mechanical Engineer,Elcetrical Engineer

What type of degree do you need to be a automotive engineer?

A mechanical engineering degree is necessary at the least. Many years of experience go along way too.

What do I need to be a mechanical engineer?


What is the highest level of education you need in order to be mechanical engineer?

A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering will serve most people well. Others get an MBA if they want to go into management, or a graduate degree if they want to do research.

What degree does a fashion designer need?

you need a bachelors degree.

Do you need math to be a mechanical engineer?


What GCSE's do I need to be a mechanical engineer?


What qualifications do you need to be a mechanical engineer?

There are many qualifications that you need to become a decent mechanical engineer. You must be able to take measurements exactly for example.

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