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sometimes it depends mostly no

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Q: Do doctors still make house calls?
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What the different betrween US and Belgium?

One of the many differences between the US and Belgium is that Belgian doctors still make house calls.

Do doctors come in to schools?

No, doctors do not usually come into the schools, the nurses will visit for health check-ups, if there is an emergency they will call 911. many years ago, doctors did visit the schools, just like they used to make house calls.

Do vets make house calls?

I used to work on a hourse farm and specific vets do make house calls. It depends on where you live. It also depends on what feild of work your in. Some vets vounteer to do that feild of work.- Eli Dalton

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What if your 18 and still haven't started puberty?

make a doctors appointment and talk to them about it.

Do repairmen still make house calls?

There are most likely some companies that do television repairs. However, the easier and cheaper alternative would probably be to go to Best Buy and get yourself a new Television.

Are there any veterinary services available to make house calls for my pet goat within a 50 mile radius of Raleigh, North Carolina?

There are several veterinary clinics offering house calls in near Raleigh, North Carolina. A search engine can be used to locate the nearest veterinarian that offers house calls for goats.

Does Computer Geeks make house calls?

Computer Geeks do make house calls. You should contact your local computer repair service for home repairs involving hardware such as harddrives or the tower itself, and software such as the system or damages to the system sometimes caused by viruses.

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No it is not blocked if you can still make calls and text people, it just means there is something wrong with your network.

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How much will doctors expected grow in the next few years?

Well scene doctors make so much money they should stay about the same rate. So doctors growing will probably go up. People are still in college for a doctors degree and that will make it go up!