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if its a big tooth then probably other wise not

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Q: Loose tooth on your upper part of your mouth will a dentist have to remove it and place with a dental implant?
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Can a dental implant be re screwed back into place if it has come loose on an attached denture?

If you are saying the implant is loose in the jaw, the answer is no. If there is something wrong between the denture and the implant, the answer is yes, that can usually be repaired. You need to see a qualified dentist, preferably one who has extensive experience with implants and dentures.

Why can't a dental implant be tightened if it becomes a little loose?

There's no saving it. This is a sign that there is decay around it. You need to see a dentist get it drilled out and the teeth properly cleaned and the filling replaced

What are the indications for a dental implant?

Missing teeth that needs replacement and loose dentures.

Which dental implant is the best?

There are many type of dental imaplnt, but it really comes down to WHO can do your best dental implant. And that is always gogin to be an oral & maxillofacial surgeon

Can you have dental implants if you have gum disease?

Of course! Research has proven that there's no link associated between implants and diabetes. The study actually consisted patients with uncontrolled diabetes, who also had implants. The implants didnt fail to function even after a year and no rise in blood sugar were witnessed. Your dentist will also help you with this during consultation, but make sure they have enough experience in the field.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are a very common cosmetic dental procedure. They are used in dental offices to replace teeth that have been damaged, knocked loose or broken. Dental implants can replace multiple teeth at once or individual ones as needed by providing a base in which to place a prosthetic. A dental implant is inserted into the bone in the jaw, which must be strong enough and have enough space to support the implant before the procedure can be completed. A dentist will be able to determine this by examining x-rays of the mouth. After the dentist has determined what type of implant can be used they will present the type of options available. These options may include bridge work or an individual tooth. Implants may be put in immediately after removal of the tooth up to months or years after the damaged tooth has been removed from the mouth. The procedure for implants may vary slightly depending on the time frame the surgery is completed. Immediate dental implants can be used to help preserve the condition of the bone and reduce the amount of treatment necessary for recovery often by months. After the procedure the dentist will give you after care instructions on how to keep the area clean and what to look for if there are complications. If you are prone to grinding your teeth they may recommend either a mouthpiece or some form of mouth guard to help protect the dental implant and prosthetic from damage. Once the implant has healed the tooth or teeth should be brushed the same as any other tooth to keep it clean and free of debris or plaque. Dental implants are a permanent procedure though the prosthetic may be removed or replaced in some cases. While it is possible to eat normally with most foods after having dental implant surgery, those who have bridge work may wish to be gentle with very hard or stick foods to avoid damage to the prosthetic.

Can a tooth that was knocked out then replaced after a root canal be pulled out because it is now loose?

Yes, with a dental implant. You also have the choice of a bridge (if you knocked out tooth is not a terminal tooth) or a partial.

What complications might occur with a dental implant?

There can be bleeding, swelling and numbness of the affected area. Pain and discomfort will occur after surgery but can be aided with prescribed or over the counter pain medication. Nausea may also occur post surgery due to the anesthetic. A sore throat, difficulty opening your jaw, bruising and tenderness of the IV location may also occur.

You had your right upper wisdom tooth removed 2 days ago it was loose iam abit dental phobic regarding extractions but the dental crew were fantastic your concern is you had no dental pain no bleeding?

You had no dental pain and no bleeding. What is it you're concerned about? It sounds to me like you had a terrific experience and ought to be recommending your friends and family to this dentist.

Sir after dental scaling your mouth skin are loosed why it happened?

If you have a dental scaling and now the skin in your mouth is loose, this could be caused from a small knick in the skin. It could also be from the mouth not quite being healed yet. Seeing your dentist is the safest option.

How do you keep the area where a tooth was extracted clean after a bridge is put in?

Dental implants in Okotoks function a lot like your natural teeth, which means that you won't need to provide them with any special care. A dentist in Okotoks can guide you on the best way to look after your implants.

What is school dentist?

school dentist is when yo are a dentist for schools and that yo help with tooth pain , loose teeth and so on