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He used carbolic acid to sterilize surgical equipment, and also insisted on the use of clean gowns, closed windows in the operating theatre, and sterilizing the room and its surroundings prior to surgery.

Post surgery, he maintained a similar vigilance on the need for sterile environments. It was mistakenly believed that risks occurred during surgeries and less so afterwards. He helped changed this view.

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Q: What did Joseph Lister discover to kill germs?
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Who discovered how to kill germs?


When did Joseph Lister invented antiseptic surgery?

Sir Joseph Lister (1827-1912) was the English surgeon who first used antiseptic to kill bacteria.

How did lord lister kill germs?

Lord Lister used carbolic acid as a disinfectant during surgeries.

What did Joseph lister invent and when did he invent it?

Joseph Jackson Lister invented the achromatic microscope in 1826. His son, Joseph Lister was a surgeon who began the idea of antiseptic surgery. He wanted to kill microbes that caused infections such as gangrene in wounds. So he developed a technique where he sprayed phenol or carbolic acid to disinfect wounds and medical instruments. His contribution to sanitation in the medical field caused a decline in infection and death in his patients.

Who was more important in the history of medicine Lister or Fleming and why?

Lister spread the idea that sterilization ie, killing of germs, could prevent the occurence of disease. Fleming found a chemical that was quite effective in doing so. If Lister had not shown how important it was to kill bacteria, Fleming would never have bothered to look for a way to do so.

When did hospital of Britain accepted Joseph Lister idea?

Joseph Lister was the first to intentionally attempt to kill microbes prior to surgery, and he found that doing so greatly reduced the chances of infection -- a fact he published in 1867. Within a decade his ideas became standard practice in the U.K.

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Does soap kill germs?

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Does hot water kill germs or does cold water kill germs?

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Where were disinfectants discovered?

Disinfectants were discovered in the 19th century by scientists such as Louis Pasteur and Joseph Lister. They found that certain chemicals, like phenol and chlorine-based compounds, could kill bacteria and prevent infection. This discovery revolutionized healthcare and led to significant improvements in sanitation practices.

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