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Perhaps you should consider seeing a neurologist.

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Q: What doctor should you consult for burning feet?
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Is it ok if your penis is 10 feet long?

.. i would consult a doctor

If you are 5 feet tall how much are you supposed to weigh?

It depends on your build. You should consult your doctor before assuming any specific number of pounds or kilos.

Is it bad for a muscular 12 year old girl to weigh 120 pounds if she is 5 feet 2?

no it is not bad at all. but you should consult your doctor to be sure.

Does a pigs waste come from their feet?

Yes. All living creatures defecate from their feet. If you don't, then you might want to consult a doctor.

How can you get to 4 feet high?

If you are shorter than 4 feet high, you may be able to grow, and if you are not growing, consult your doctor. It is likely that you can be treated with human growth hormone.

What doctor to consult for the treatment of sweaty armpit and feet?

Probably a Dermatologist. They are doctors specializing in the treatment of skin disorders and associated problems.

Should hydrocortisone be put on your hands or feet?

It should be applied to the area and in the amounts that your Doctor has specified.

Should one always see a doctor about feet problems?

If you are having feet problem it is maybe because the shoe is too small for you or it is not the right shoe, like if you have flat feet or curved. But I do suggest seeing a doctor.

Why have my feet been swelling lately?

This can be caused by any number of things. Adverse health conditions can directly effect your feet. It is possible that you may need to soak your feet after a strenuous activity, or you may need to elevate your feet during times at rest. It is best to consult your doctor to find the best answer.

How do you tell if you have wide feet or not?

you can tell if you have wide feet or not is by measuring your foot if its wider than three inches then your foot should be check by a doctor.

When would a diabetic need to see the doctor with sore feet?

The problems that diabetics have with their feet can be prevented in most cases, if the disease is controlled properly with insulin and diet. Therefore, you should have regular check ups with your doctor to prevent them from becoming sore and notify your doctor as soon as possible if you do notice pain in your feet.

Why does palm and feet burn?

Several neuropathy conditions cause severe and debilitating burning in all limbs. If you see that your hands or feet also look red, then look into Erythromelalgia. Or if you hands and feet look blue, then look in to Raynaud's. To help control the neuropathy pain, stay in a cool climate, elevate your limbs and limit your activities during the day (to help the episodes during the night). Also, either stop or cut down on salt, sugar and no alcohol. Burning hands and feet is one of the most common signs of peripheral neuropathy. The tingling or burning and the loss of sensation in you feet or hands are very usual for people who are suffering from this disease. You should go to doctor as soon as you can. He or she will tell you what treatment is best for you.