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Q: What if you had a ultrasound and nothing shows?
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I have an hcg level of 76 the day after my period was due but when an ultrasound was preformed it showed nothing. Is this okay?

Nothing shows up until levels are over 900 so by the next week something will show

When can you see the point of conception on an ultrasound?

nothing can be seen at this point nothing nothing

Can a hypoechoic area of 4mm shown on breast ultrasound be undetectable 3 weeks later on ultrasound?

Well as no one else has answered my question I will update this situation. The 3 week follow-up ultrasound which the Technician said showed nothing actually shows an poorly defined area of hypoechoicity of now 1.9 x 1.0 cm...upcoming biopsy.

What can you see on an ultrasound scan 7 days after insemination?


What does it mean if your liver shows it up bright on an ultrasound?

could you please answer this for me the ultra sound shows a bright liver thank you janice

Can an EDD on an ultrasound be wrong if the machine is broken?

if the machine is broken than nothing happens

How do you know if you had a chemical pregnancy?

A chemical pregnancy is typically diagnosed through a pregnancy test that shows positive results followed by negative results soon after, or through a blood test that detects the presence of hCG (pregnancy hormone) that later decreases. It is often characterized by early pregnancy loss before a gestational sac can be seen on an ultrasound.

What is hypoechoic?

A hypoechoic mass is a lump which appears darker on an ultrasound scan. These darker areas on an ultrasound scan are suggestive of a tumor.

What does ultrasound feel like?

Ultrasound is a high frequency sound that can penetrate through certain mediums.E.g. One can check if they are pregnant using ultrasound.I did it and felt nothing! so no worries!

What is the cpt code for abdominal ultrasound?

Cpt code for ultrasound guided liver biopsy

Should you worry if the doctor did a transvaginal ultrasound at a little over 4 weeks and saw nothing?

no because the fetus is probably hiding so just keep up with your u/s and hopefully next time something should be detected but the next time you go and your positive your pregnant and nothing shows up then you go to the hospital

What does it mean when a liver ultrasound shows mild echo dense?

It means that the ultrasound has found an area of abnormality that will need to be further diagnosed. Possibly with a biopsy. It does not mean that there is cancer, but it could mean that there is a mass or tumor present.