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Yes, and you should tell him. He is legally bound not to tell anyone else, so you can be honest without being worried.

It may make a difference in treatment.

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Q: When you go to the doctor for sinus will know you have been snorting?
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Is it common to have bloody mucus with a sinus infection?

not that i know of, i recommend seeing a doctor for it right away.

What are the effects of Snorting Propranolol?

i snorted it once and couldn't stop blowing my nose and as well as the sinus pains for 2 days straight. i didnt know what it was but i wouldn't do it unless you want a fatigue sinus cold for 2 days. worst thing ive done. it burns like the sun too

Can you have a colonoscopy with a sinus infection?

It depends on how long you've had the infection and the severity. Sometimes they will wait for it to be over and sometimes they don't care. Asking your doctor is the only way to know.

Is sinus an organ?

Is sinus an organ? I need to know if there are other organs in the cranial cavity besides the brain.

How does barometric pressure affect people?

If the barometric pressure drops suddenly, as it does often before a storm, and your sinus passageway is blocked, the higher pressure in the sinus will press on the bones surrounding it to cause a horrible headache. When your nose is stuffy, the inner linings of your nose are swollen, and the same swelling can shut the sinus passageway, preventing air pressure inside your sinus from changing to balance the pressure outside, and you can develop a sinus headache. from:

How do know how do you what someone is snorting if you see a cloud of black smoke?

Magic pixie dust.

How do you know what someone is snorting if you see a cloud of black smoke?

Magic pixie dust.

How do you know if you overdosed snorting cocaine?

When you see yourself lying on the floor unconscious or dead.

How do you know if my IUD was expelled?

Usually you won't know, you would have to have a doctor tell you it has been expelled.

Should you have cataract surgery with a sinus infection?

As sinus surgery is not an emergency I would put it off as the baby is just developing. If you are going through fertility treatment and know the exact date of ovulation you can then know how long you have been pregnant down to the day. this is why Doctors say you are pregnant 38-40 weeks because often they do not know the exact date of ovulation or implantation. there fore you can know if you are 2-3 weeks pregnant. If you have had surgery before a pregnancy can be detected speak with you gynocologist about possible side effects. They will do a test before any surgery to rule out pregnancy. so if you test positive then they will not perform the surgey anyway.

Is it common to have only 1 frontal sinus cavity?

I would like to know the answer to this as well. I was told this last year. I have several sinus infections a year and usually have a sinus migraine 4-6 times a month.

How do you know when you have sickle cell anemia?

When you have been diagnosed with it by a medical doctor by lab testing.