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Contact your local American Red Cross. If they do not have them in stock, you can order online from a business like the one on the related link.

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If one would like to purchase a CPR mask, the best place to do so would to go online and visit the website "Amazon". This site offers CPR masks for sale.

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Q: Where can you buy CPR breathing barriers?
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What are CABs of CPR?

CABs of CPR are: Compressions, airway, and breathing.

What will an infant in need of CPR show?

An infant in need of CPR will show no movement, breathing, or a pulse.

How does CPR maintain cellular respiration?

CPR maintains cellular respiration the same as in normal breathing and pulse rate. CPR is mechanically breathing and circulating the blood for the victim.

What to do with no breathing bout you have a pulse?


In adult CPR what are the signs of troubled breathing?

Signs of breathing difficulty in adult CPR are wheezing, irregular, shallow, or gasping breaths.

Why should CPR be done?

CPR should be performed if a person is unconscious and not breathing

What is full code CPR?

Code means someone is not breathing or their heart has stopped (which is not breathing as well). Full code CPR is probably a medical term for performing CPR on a patient that has coded. There is not, per se, a term for CPR that is a "full code CPR". You can take CPR for the lay person or professional.

Who has to start CPR?

If you are CPR certified, you should have someone call 911 while you start CPR. If you are not CPR certified, find someone around you that is.

When checking for breathing and you hear gasps do perform CPR?

Since gasps (agonal breathing) will not sustain life, for an adult go immediately to CPR.

What are the symptoms of CPR?

Symptoms of those requiring CPR are no breathing, no pulse, no signs of life.

When should CPR be started on a child?

Start CPR on a child when no breathing and no pulse is confirmed.

Can CPR be contracted by blood tranfusion?

No; CPR is giving breathing & chest compressions to a person.