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Q: The best way to determine if a person is unconscious?
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The best way to check if a person is unconscious is to?

tap on their shoulders and repeatedly ask if they are OK. if no response they are most likely unconscious.

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The best way to determine the best housing option for a person is to assess their needs and their finances.

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What should someone do upon encountering an unconscious person?

If the person finding the unconscious person is trained in First Aid, then use your skills to check for breathing and react appropriately, removing the blockage if applicable and beginning CPR. If two people find someone unconscious, one person stays with the unconscious person and the other goes to call 911 for emergency assistance. Even if only one person finds someone unconscious and knows First Aid, 911 must still be called because CPR is only designed to keep the heart and brain full of blood while EMT is making their way to the person.

If someone is not breathing and appears to be unconscious what would be the best way to open the airway?

jaw-thrust maneuver

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As long as the conscious and not UNconscious, walking or with a car.

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Of a structure, to fall down or give way. Of a person, to fall down and become unconscious as a result of illness or injury

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