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Screw(except explicit) My Life

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Ok I thought that was it to

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Q: What does the term FML stand for?
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What does fml stand for in chatrooms?

F*** my life.

What is FML chat room?

FML is an Internet slang term that stands for "F*ck My Life"

What is FML mean in text?

The term 'FML' is short for: f*ck my life.

What does fml stand for in text message?

The letters are an abbreviation for f*ck my life.(To read examples on the FMyLife website, click on the Related link.)

What is fml in texting?

Fml Stands for F*ck My Life....

What does 'fml kmp' mean in text messaging?

youm know what fml>>>>>>>..........

What does fml stand for?

it stands for f*ck my lifeyes it does stand for f*ck my life but when your friend says that you can say why are you saying friends making love? to make them cheer up.(:

Which south American countries have developed large industries?

fml man fml

What are the release dates for FML - 2013?

FML - 2013 was released on: USA: 2013

What was the first FML?

Today, in class, I was sitting next to the guy that I fancy. Shyly, I write our initials (L and A) into a heart on his hand to see his reaction… "I love Los Angeles too!" FML The answer above me is partially correct. The original first FML was removed from the site; the only FML's that are indexed start with #6. The FML above is that number 6. I found out from archives that this is the first ever FML: Today, I dropped my keys in the sewer. The duplicates are inside my locked car. FML

What does fml mean in a text?

f*** my life

What are the release dates for Fml - 2011 I?

Fml - 2011 I was released on: USA: 31 March 2011