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It should say tu "estas" enfermo, which means you are sick.

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Q: What does tu estoy enfermo mean in english?
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How do you say i am sick today in spanish?

If you are a boy, you say "estoy enfermo" (I am sick) If you are a girl, you say "estoy enferma" (I am sick) Tú estas enfermo/a - You are sick (informal) Usted esta enfermo/a - You are sick (formal) Tú eres enfermo/a - (you are sick[in the head])

Estoy vien y tu mean in English?

"Estoy bien" means "I am fine" and "y tu" means "and you", so the phrase "Estoy bien y tu" translates to "I am fine and you?".

What does un miembro de tu familia esta enfermo y tu tienes que servirle estas comidas mean in english?

A member of your family is sick and you gotta give him this food.

What does mira estoy en tu tierra otra vez mean in English?

It means: look, I'm in your country again.

What does tu sabes que estoy desendo mean in spanish?

"Tu sabes que estoy deseando" in Spanish means "You know that I am longing" in English.

Yo Tambien Estoy en tu mismo giro Translate to English?

I too am in turn yourself

What does 'estoy a tu lado mi carino' mean?

Translation: I'm at your side sweetheart

What does lo siento mucho no hablo ingles estoy bien gracias y tu mean in english language?

It means, "I'm very sorry, I don't speak English. I'm well, thank you, and you?"

What does estoy viendo tu foto de facebook mean in spanish?

I see your facebook picture

What does As-tu mean in English?

"As-tu" means "Do you have" in English.

What does de tu mean in English?

"De tu" translates to "your" in English.

What does tu as mean in english?

you are fine