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Q: What is an antonym for typhoid?
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Can Typhoid be prevented?

the typhoid disease is prevented with a vaccine called typhoid vaccine

What is the injection for typhoid?

You have many brands for typhoid injections made from surface antigen of typhoid bacteria.

How do you use typhoid in a sentence?

She is suffering from typhoid.

What is the meaning of typhoid?

Typhoid is similar to typhus fever. So it is probably called as typhoid fever. Typhoid has surpassed the typhus fever in prevalence to great extent.

How common is typhoid fever in Hampton Va?

Typhoid fever is very uncommon in USA. You get few cases of typhoid among the travellers and immigrants. Typhoid is a curiosity in USA.

Is sight affected by typhoid?

You have bacteremia ( bacteria in the blood stream) in the first week of typhoid fever. Typhoid bacteria can settle any where. Eye can be affected by typhoid fever.

How common is typhoid now?

Typhoid is NOT a common as it used to be.

Which vaccine to prevent typhoid?

You have got oral vaccine, as well as injection of typhoid vaccine to prevent the typhoid fever.

Is hepatitis transmitted through kissing?

typhoid fever can't be transmitted through a kiss .. but if your immune system is weak then you are likely to gain typhoidal germs.

Is typhoid fever transferable?

Typhoid fever transfer from one person to other by fecal/oral route.

Where in the US is typhoid most commonly found?

You do not find the patients of typhoid in US. Only travellers and immigrants are at the risk of getting typhoid. Typhoid must be curiosity in US. The ultimate doctors from US will probably enjoy to manage the patient of typhoid.

Is typhoid fever and typhoid the same thing?

Typhoid is a disease..... whereas , typhoid fever is the symptom of the disease .