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City marketplace.

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Q: Agora that was found in most cities was?
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The agora that was found in most cities was .?

An open marketplace

The agora that was found in most cities was?

The agora that was found in most cities was a central public space used for political, commercial, social, and cultural activities. It typically included shops, government buildings, temples, and meeting places for citizens to gather and interact. The agora was a hub of city life in ancient Greece and Rome.

What is a kykloi?

A kykloi is a platform found in a agora ( a agora is a Greek market place. )

Where was the agora?

Agora is Greek for meeting place, or assembly place. As such there are many Agoras in Greece but the most famous is in Athens and is often referred to as "the Agora."

What country is the agora cat from?

The most common variant is called the Turkish Agora, which implies that it is from Turkey.

What is the purpose of agora?

The Agora, the marketplace and civic center, was one of the most important parts of an ancient city of Athens.

What were Hellenistic Cities?

an agora an alpha theater a temple and a gymnasium

Where was the agora in ancient Greek located?

It was a market place, so cities all had one and used it.

What was the marketplace in the early Athens called?


What is the Name of Athenian marketplace?

It was called an Agora (open place of assembly) you're stupid... don't put an answer if you don't know what it is..........

What Greek items were found in the agora?

Items found at the greek agora were such as sandals, loral leaves, perfume, jewlery, oils, silk, weat, meat, and many many more. Also, clothing was also found, along with many food items, like olives and fish.

Market place in ancient greece?

the ancient greek market was called an agora.