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marshall plan

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Q: Aid to countries willing to adhere to the program?
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What aid program provided 16 countries with 13 billion in aid?

The Marshall Plan

How do band aids adhere?

They adhere because there is an adhesive on one side of the band-aid.

Who created financial aid program for European countries?

Marshal -Leticia Ugarte<3

Which countries received aid from the Point Four Program to help them recover from World War 2?

many countries around the world

How much foreign aid does russia give United States?

Russia does not give foreign aid to the usa. In fact Russia killed most or all of it's foreign aid back in the 90's with the collapse of the Soviet Union and has just recently started a foreign aid program again.

Which country received aid from the point four program to help them recover from world war 2?

many countries around the world

What aid program was directed against hunger and chaos?

the aid program that was directed was the native chaobean

When was Victorian Students' Aid Program created?

Victorian Students' Aid Program was created in 2005.

Who was willing to aid the Americans in the revolutionary war?


Is it true that The US was not willing to give Egypt aid unless Egypt made a new deal with Israel?

The United States was willing to give Egypt aid only if Egypt did not buy weapons from Communists.

What is the significance of foreign aid to African countries?

Foreign aid is important because countries with resources have an obligation to help countries in need. This includes food, medicine, and military aid.

Lend lease was a us program to aid the axis power?

No, lend lease was to aid the allied powers