Are Germans bad people

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No better or worse than any other nationality

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Q: Are Germans bad people
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What types of food do Germans like and dislike?

Germans have to be on time to everything or they think that it is bad for them

Which foods are bad for Germans?

There's nothing special about Germans either anatomically or biochemically. The same foods that are bad for humans generally are also bad for Germans. And of course there will be some who have food allergies and things like that. But that's related to person, not nationality or ethnicity.

Why did Hitler encourage people to do bad things?

Depends on what you mean by Bad thing because their is many views of bad. During the reign of the the Third Reich, what we think of bad was good to the Germans. Hitler encourages some people to do thing such as killing and beating people because Hitler wanted to free Europe from Jews and communism. Hitler encouraged people because, He knew they would listen to him. The listen because Hitler was their leader and Hitler was an inspiration to all the German's. The Germans were inspired by Hitler because, of the positive things Hitler done.

Was Hitler such a bad guy?

No. Hitler was not a bad person. Only his SS and his army was bad. They did all the killings. Hitler killed no body. He adored people (Germans in general) and he loved animals. He had a dog called "blondie"

What are people from Germany called?

People from Germany are called Germans.

How did Germans feel during the destruction of synagogue?


Who played the bad guy in Saving Private Ryan?

There Is No "Bad Guy". There Are Enemies, The Germans.

What is Germany and Germans?

Germany is a country and Germans are the people who live in it.

Are all Germans bad during the Holocaust?

Not all, mostly just the soldiers and the Germans who believed the lie that Jews were evil

What were the fritz?

A bad name for the Germans durring World War 2

Why did the German people take over Samoa?

The German people took over the precious island of Samoa because the Germans were coming last of the war they had between the Germans and Samoa there were about 13,000 people died of the Germans and only around 400 people were died out of the Samoa.After the Germans lost they decide to put there flag up:( :( :( :(

Why were the Jews in the camp treated so bad?

Because the Germans didn't like them..?