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Q: Can you identify identify a Military Cap Badge From a picture?
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Where to wear poppy's on a military uniform?

When I was serving in the Army we used to wear our poppy behind the cap badge

What are military badges made from?

Badges varied by country, type of badge and rank of soldier. For example, high-ranking Officers could have their uniform special made. Some badges, such as pilot's badges, were silver hall-marked fabrication, not much different from jewelry. Other badges were made with nickel alloy(commonly referred to as "German silver"). US Badges for enlisted men were made of brass. The collar discs designating Branch of Service and the "US" insignia were brass, as well as the cap badge. The German badges worn on their hats were made of light-weight aluminum alloy.

How much does an army warrant officer make?

These figures come from the 2011 Military Pay Tables as published by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.W-1Warrant officers in this rank a starting pay of $2,721 per month, with less than two years of military service. This pay rate increases every two years to a cap of $4,701.60 for W-1s with more than 20 years of military service.W-2Warrant officers in this rank with less than two years of service with a monthly rate of pay of $3,099.90. Monthly pay increases every two years to a maximum of $5,174 for W-2s with more than 24 years of military service.W-3Warrant officers in this rank earn $3,502.80 per month starting out with less than two years of military service. Every two years, pay is gradually increased to a cap of $6,144.90 for W-3s with more than 20 years of military service.W-4Officers with less than two years of military service earn $3,836.10 per month. This monthly pay increases in amount every two years, to a maximum of $7,005.60 monthly for W-4s with more than 26 years of military service.W-5Warrant officers must have at least 20 years of military service to hold the rank of W-5. For W-5s with 20 years of service, the monthly pay rate is $6,820.80. This increases every two years to a cap of $7,710 for W-5s with more than 26 years of military service.

Did the word beret come from France?

It is from Gascony, France, meaning a Cap. Also refers to a flat cap worn by the Basque paasants.

What is a nurses hat called?

it is called a cap.

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Picture of royal engineers cap badge?

See the link below for a collection of various cap badges

Where to wear poppy's on a military uniform?

When I was serving in the Army we used to wear our poppy behind the cap badge

What is a screw back badge?

Most military badge came with pin up button. This type of badge became famous in the German army. It came with a screw to secure the badge on clothing. The Hitler Youth Division Cap Eagle and Police Badge with screw back was one of the first made.

What is the special boat service cap badge?

The Special Boat Service has changed their cap badge. For pictures of both, see the link below.

What was the largest cap badge in the British Army?

For WW1-WW2 era and later, the largest regimental cap badge was the Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders. Of course, this was a Scottish regiment within the British Army and it was worn on a Glengarry or Tam O'Shanter and not a standard visor cap.

Who had a artilliery cap badge with a wreath and crossed canon and German crown?

The artillery cap badge with a wreath, crossed cannons, and German crown was typically used by the German military during World War I. The design varied slightly between different branches of the German artillery, but generally, it featured a wreath surrounding crossed cannons with a crown on top.

Who has a regimental cap badge with a crown at the top 2 crossed swords in the middle on a circular solid badge from ww1 is it can i find a picture?

The Gloucestershire Regiment's cap badge was a Sphinx image sitting on a battle honor EGYPT with a wreath below and the name of the regiment.But the cap badge I found for it was not as you describe at all.There was also a Gloucestershire Yoemanry Regiment that was also known as Royal Gloucestershire Hussars. But the cap badge I found for it was not as you describe at all.I thought maybe the badge you had was a collar device. But again, the Gloucestershire Regiment wore a small Sphinx on their collar.The badge for the Army Personal Training Corps during WW2 was simply crossed swords with a crown mounted above where they crossed.I can't find such a badge. However, during WW1 the British had many different regiments and yeomanry units that only existed for that war.Oh wait! Sometimes cap badges had a backing that was used to attach it. These backings were large round discs. Was the badge you saw attached to a hat? If it was lying by itself, then maybe the circular disc was some type of back plate.+++++++++++I found it!!WW1 Overseas Bronze Badge - Round badge with crossed swords with a wreath around outer edge. Crossed swords in the center with a Crown above them and a 5-pointed Star below it. Across the front is a scroll that reads "OVERSEAS SERVICE". The back is solid with a British style safety pin clasp.I found this on the eBay store of my favorite and most knowledgeable sellers of British and Canadian cap badges. He has one for sale with a PHOTO; list price $25(USD). His ebay seller name is ArticMedals. I'm sure he can explain what this purpose of this badge and maybe know where it was worn. This is not a Cap Badge.Steve, aka Custermen

What is a four letter word beginning with k that is a military cap?

A kepi is a French military cap.

What cap badge do postmen wear?

USPS(United States Postal Service)

What are some popular designs for military hats?

There are loads of different types of military hats. For example, you could have a beret, a chauffeur military cap, a patrol field cap, or a regular baseball cap.

What is the meaning of the webelos Badge?

MEANING OF THE WEBELOS BADGE The Webelos badge is like the emblem on your Webelos cap, except that it also has the word "Webelos" and the Scout badge. The emblem is made up of a gold Scout badge with a blue "W," for Webelos, on it. It shows that you are moving from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting.

Who has every seen a ww2 canadian black watch cap badge that is brown in color and not the white medal?

Very common. That is the version of the badge for combat dress.