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Bolshevism is a form of violent secular feudalism based on robbing, murdering and otherwise oppressing people who belong to several vocational classes. Nazism is a more modern version, a form of violent secular feudalism based on robbing, murdering and otherwise oppressing people who belong to several ethnic classes. This isn't to be understood as a strict delineation - for example, virtually all Marxist societies practice some form of institutionalized racism - but for Nazis members of an ethnic class (namely, the Jews) replaced capitalists in the mythology of mainstream Marxism. Otherwise Nazism. Bolshevism, and other spinoffs of Marxist revolutionary theories are virtually identical.

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Q: Compare and contrast Nazism and Bolshevism as ideologies and as ruling system?
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Who claimed that Nazism was the result of humanism?

French philosopher Julien Benda argued that Nazism was a result of humanism in his book "The Treason of the Intellectuals." Benda believed that intellectuals had forsaken their duty to uphold universal values in favor of pursuing narrow political ideologies, leading to the rise of totalitarian regimes like Nazism.

Why did nazism interest and appeal to some German in the 1920's and 1930s?

Because Nazism promised to stop the economic depression that was caused by the Weimar Republic that was in control of Germany at the time. And because many Germans were against Communism, and found the militaristic totalitarian Nazism appealing in contrast to it's rival political parties.

What are the ideologies?

Mussolini* Mussolini founded Italian Fascism. It is a form of authoritarian government system. He believed in ethnic dominance, contempt for democracy, and strict obedience to the leader. It was very much similar to Nazism or Communism.

What did the ideologies of Nazism and Communism have in common?

Communist ideology and Nazism shared a common goal but for different reasons. For Nazism, the world view was to create and establish the Nazi Party and Germany as the dominant force in the world. There were no illusions of inclusion unless it was beneficial to the Nazi's world goals.One the other hand, taken at its face value, communist ideology was to create a socialist world enforced by power. And, to make this better received, the idea of no governments and no classes appealed to whom they considered to be the masses.

Are neo Nazi real?

Neo Nazis are groups of people who still believe in Adolf Hitler's ideologies. These groups are most popular in the US because of "Freedom of Speech" and unlike most countries, Neo Nazism is legal in the US.

How do you use Nazism in a sentence?

Nazism was essentially just a form of fascism

How many civilians were victims of Nazism?

about 65 million who exposed to the full nazism

When was World Without Nazism created?

World Without Nazism was created in 2010.

When was The Occult Roots of Nazism created?

The Occult Roots of Nazism was created in 1985.

Was there any opposition to Nazism?

There was some opposition to Nazism in the beginning but it was mercilessly put down.

What was the impact of Nazism on World War 2?

Nazism started World War 2

What system of government was Mussolini?