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The Bataan Death March.

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Q: Death March during Japanese period
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What happened during the Bataan Death March to Dachau?

The Bataan death march, and the Dachau death march, were two separate events. The first was in the Philippines and was perpetrated by the Japanese, and the second was in Germany.

During what did the Japanese force captured American and Filipino soldiers to march for five days and nights?

Bataan Death March

American and Filipino prisoners of war were brutally beaten by Japanese during?

Bataan Death March

What death march did Japanese march the Americans in?


Economic life of Filipino people during Japanese period. Economic life of the Filipinos.?

The economic life of the Filipinos during the Japanese period is very cruel others are sentenced to death because of small mistakes. Others are been march from San Fernando, Pampanga till Bataan wherein most called as death march. There is also problems in the industry because most of the Filipinos products were sent to the Japan so less the Filipinos use in their own country

What caused the death march?

The Japanese....

During the Bataan Death March?

many American prisoners were killed.

What happend to men during the bataan death march if they couldn't keep up?

The Japanese shot anyone who could not keep up or tried to help anyone who fell down on the Bataan Death March.

How did Japanese guards entertain themselves during the bataan death march?

The Japanese Soldiers/guards entertained themselves by killing people every half a mile or less.

What march was named for the deaths of Filipino and American troops by the Japanese?

The Bataan Death March (also known as The Death March of Bataan)

Who committed the bataan death march?

Japanese soldiers forced their American prisoners to undergo the Bataan Death March.

Who was forced to march in the bataan death march?

Filipino and American soldiers whom were prisoners of the Japanese