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California stayed with the Union side; though there were some Californians who wanted to join the Confederacy instead. There were also significant numbers of people who wanted California to become an independent country.

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Q: Did California stay in the Union or secede in 1861?
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What are states between the north and the south that had to choose whether to secede or stay with the union is called?

Upper South Secession

Who started the Civil War in the US?

The South decided to form their own type of government, their own type of money, everything. they decided to secede ( to withdraw voluntarily from a union) from the Union ( that is what the united states was called). There were many reasons for this move, but the main subject is slavery. The North wanted to stay free, but the south had their own things in mind. anyways, the south successfully broke away from the union. the Confederates started the war in Fort Sumter Charleston, South Carolina

Why did several border states decide to stay in the union?

All the border states were in two minds about secession, but narrowly voted to stay in the Union. Lincoln made special efforts to keep them onside. He allowed Kentucky to remain neutral for the first year. And in Maryland, he (illegally) jailed pro-Confederate leaders.

Why was Lincoln's skillful handling of the Fort Sumter crisis crucial to arousing the union's political determination to force the south to stay in the union?

Maybe you should try reading your book for once or listening in class for once! Have fun with impromptus tomorrow!

Was kentuck a confederate or union state?

It narrowly voted to stay loyal to the Union. When Braxton Bragg invaded Kentucky in 1862, he expected a rush of young volunteers to join the Confederates, but there were very few. He did actually manage to install a Confederate government, but when his army retreated from the state, it collapsed.

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What are states between the north and the south that had to choose whether to secede or stay with the union is called?

Upper South Secession

Name given to the states between the north and the south that had to choose whether to secede or stay with the union?

36 degrees 30 degrees

What wad the name given to states between North and South that had to choose whether to secede or stay with the Union?

Those were known as the Border States.

Would Virgina have been union or confederate?

Confederate. It was not one of the first states to secede, and many prominent Virginians like Robert E. Lee, hoped that it would stay in the Union.

What does Kentucky Delaware Maryland and Missouri have in common?

In the time of the Civil War, they were known as Border States. They had also decided to stay loyal to the Union, and did not secede.

What are three causes of the Civil War?

The South wanted to secede from the union, but the North wanted to stay as one country. The North wanted to abolish slavery but the South wanted to keep slavery.

Which southern state general lee was from?

Virginia. Before it seceded, Lee was hoping it would stay in the Union, and he could have accepted supreme command of the Union armies. But when it did secede, he reluctantly joined the Confederates. He had concluded that he was a Virginian first and an American second.

What was South Carolinas argument for why it could secede from the Union?

South Carolina had several reasonably valid arguments for why it should be able to secede. The best of these arguments was that the Constitution states that all powers not specifically assigned to the federal government remain with the states. The Constitution does not specifically state that the federal government has the right to remove states from the union, or to force states to stay in the union. Since the federal government wasn't given that power, then states should have the power to leave the union.

How many years did Abraham Lincoln stay in office for?

From 1861-1865

Why did North Carolina not rush to secede?

North Carolina did not rush to secede because they were going to stay neutral. They finally seceded when Abraham Lincoln called for troops from NC to join the army to recapture Sumter.

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