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No.. It was severed by his dog.

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Q: Did Hitlers wiener get bit off by a ghost?
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What was hitlers master plan?

Hitler's master plan was to eventually shave off his mustache and call a truce with Russia and the U.S.

What are original WW2 red w swastika nazi armbands worth?

i would say about 5 million GBP for Hitlers one but and original one off the German citizens i would 3.5 to 5 thousand GBP as I'm the producer of antique road show.

What is up with hitlers mustache?

Firstly whoever you are you can't spell moustache Hitler's MOUSTACHE is widely regarded by many as the source of his power and the reason he started world war II. When he was unable to remove his moustache and stop the itching it caused him he found that war and the oppresion of others was the only was to take his mind off itHe jus let it grow brushed it and never shaved

Why Hitler commit sucide?

did he though? Hitlers body was never actually seen by westerners. Its the Russians that claimed that they had found him and he was dead with Eva. along with a few photos. Hitler had many 'doubles' like sadam, osama etc. however in answer to ur question- he would of killed himself because he knew his fate would be hanging. he was defeated/finished. even if he had been let off which there was a chance- then what would he do.

Who is Hitlers right hand man?

Rudolf Hess, who was Adolf Hilter's right hand man at the start of World War II and Megan...who dusted his balls off and gave him a blumpkin every time he got diarhea. she was the insperation for 2 girls one cup. she made that film look pg. imagine one girl one semi...that's Megan for you 8=D }-|O <--Megan haha

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