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No, most blacks did not leave the south after the civil war.

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Q: Did most blacks leave the south after the civil war?
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Did blacks work on southern railroads during the civil war?

Yes. Slave gangs did most of the laying of track in the South.

Why were there few free blacks living in the South prior to the Civil War?

There were a great many free blacks living in the south prior to the Civil War. Most free blacks in American lived in the south. In the 1860 census there were 30 million people in the US. Nine million were in the south, including three million slaves, and another half million free blacks. John Hope Franklin, the eminent black historian, has made the free black population of the south a subject of his excellent writing.

What man was the most helpful to blacks after civil war?

kevin rudd

Who was the leading black spokesman for the emancipation of slaves prior to the civil war?

Who was the most Famous spokesman for Blacks prior to the Civil War?

Why was the civil rights movement centered in the south?

The Civil Rights Movement centered on the south because this was the place of some of the most egregious Jim Crow policies as well as violence, with the Ku Klux Klan often deeply entrenched in the legal justice system. In addition, the denial of service to blacks in public places or institutions as well as the denial of their right to vote by intimidation made it a good place to start.

Most blacks who moved to Chicago were fleeing terrible poverty in?

The Deep South.

Why were blacks used?

Black codes were used as a means of control. After the civil war, there were millions of free blacks. The southern elite didn't want them to leave because most still had their property and although everything was in disrepair after the war, more than ever they needed their property repaired. Vagrancy Laws helped that happen

Why do you think the the ku kulx klan was not formed before the civil war?

Because most Southern blacks were slaves, and there weren't the civil rights issues.

Which former confederate state had most blacks holding office during reconstruction?

Which former Confederate state had the most blacks holding office during Reconstruction

Why were the union troops doing so bad in the US Civil War?

The black slaves helped the union in two ways. First, they escaped from the South bringing the confederate's economy down. And second, most of the blacks joined the Union army to help win the Civil War.

Most free blacks in the south lived?

in cities located in the northern part of the region

What immigrant group was most outraged with the influx of blacks into New York city during civil war?