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Q: How big is the unions army in the Battle of Shiloh?
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How big was the Battle of Shiloh?

it was 4 feet long

How big was the unit of the Battle of Shiloh?

The Confederate Army deployed about 45,000 men. The Union Army deployed: in the first day Apr. 6th, about 38,000 men in the second day about 25,000 in addition.

Were did the union win a big battle?

Shiloh, Antietam, Gettysburg, Lookout Mountain, Atlanta, The Wilderness…

Why was general grant criticized for the victory at Shiloh?

Because he had been caught off-guard, and his army had nearly been pushed into the Tennessee River. Also, it was the first battle with big casualties, so the North were in shock.

What battle in Tennessee showed how bloody the Civil war would be?

Shiloh. It was the first big battle in the West, and the biggest of the war up till then.

How big was William the Conqueror's army in the battle of hastings?

very big!!

What battle was nicknamed The Big Push?

The Battle of the Somme, fought by the British Army against Germany was nicknamed The Big Push.

Who were the lead generals in the Battle of Shiloh?

For the Union, U.S.Grant in his first big battle, which he nearly lost on the first day. For the Confederates, Sidney Johnston, regarded as the best General in the South, killed in this battle.

What are the big vehicles used in battle?

They are called army tanks.

Why did the Battle of Shiloh have such an impact on America compared to other battles?

Because it was the first big battle of the war. And it was significant because it marked the end of Confederate domination of Western Tennessee.

How did the Battle of Shiloh achieve the goal of the union army controlling the Mississippi river?

It was the first big battle of the war, and it was a Union win. The Confederate commander was killed - Sidney Johnston, regarded as the best General in the South. Grant acquired more credibility in Washington and was in a strong position to launch his long campaign against Vicksburg.

What was the size of the french army at the battle of Agincourt?

1 big population