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Western nations were prepared to use force to stop the spread of communism.

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Because the Western democracies is respond it.....

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Q: How did the western democracies respond to each?
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What best describes the Munich Pact?

The Munich Pact was an attempt by the democracies to appease Hitler by ceding him the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia, in the hopes that he would end or delay his expansion. France and Britain realized that they were unprepared to wage war. Ironically, neither was Germany, but Hitler bluffed the democracies into believing it was.

What is the quarantine speech about?

A speech where Franklin D. Roosevelt urges democracies to isolate the aggressor by economic embargo's.

Which of the following describes a similarity between Eastern and Western Europe following World War 2?

Answer this question…Each region fell under the influence of a foreign superpower.

How did technological innovations lead to the trench stalemate on the western front?

The technological innovations led to the trench stalemate on the western front in various ways. Each army developed entrenchments which they intended to use in the war and this is what propagated the Trench Warfare.

Was the Marshall Plan political or humanitarian?

first answer: why don't you find out your self second answer: Both, and much more. The Marshall Plan was a massive economic & humanitarian effort to save Western Europe that had political & military benefits. It kept the free democracies of western Europe from collapsing and falling prey to the Soviet Union. It enabled the European Union to form, and provided foundations for a strong NATO. As a further result, the free nations of western Europe strongly supported by the United States & Canada out-lasted (militarily & economically) the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and allowed Eastern Europe to fight to be free from communist oppression.

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How did the league of nations western democracies respond to japan's aggression?


Why didn't western democracies stop this aggression of France Japan and Germany?

But France was one of the western democracies and not an aggressor!

What was the response to axis aggression in the 1930 by western democracies?

The response to axis aggression in the 1930s by western democracies was appeasement.

Who are the western democracies?

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Do multiparty systems exist among western democracies?


How did the great Depression weaken western democracies?

The weimar republic

How does the relationship between a government and an individual differ when comparing Hitler's Germany and western democracies?

The relationship between a government and an individual differs greatly when comparing Hitler's Germany and Western democracies. In Hitler's Germany, the individual did not have any say in government. Conversely, in Western democracies, the individual always has a say in government via their ability to vote.

What kind of government is typically found in western Europe?

Representative Democracies are typically found in Western Europe.

How did the league of nation western democracies responds to Japan's aggression?


The Western democracies formed a mutual defense alliance called?


What kind of government did West Africa have?

Many of the western afriacn countries are democracies

The cold war was the cooling of relations between the soviet union and western what?

The Cold War was between the Soviet Union and Western democracies.