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It is hard to calculate how many people contributed, also what constitutes a contribution. In many countries the local authorities collected the Jews for the Germans to do with what they would.

It could be argued that the passivity of many nations and of the League of Nations in the 1930's showed Hitler that he could do whatever he wanted to the Jews and no one would help them.

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Between about 1942 and the early 1945 the total number of personnel running the concentration and extermination camps was 55,000 at any given time. Of these, about 3,000 (?) were women. Many of those operating the extermination camps were not actually Germans, but Ukrainians, Lithuanians and others.

In addition, there were the mobile killing units (Einsatagruppen) and, contrary toa widespread myth, the regular German army on the Eastern Front and in Serbia was significantly involved in mass murder.

The population of Greater Germany in 1941 was over 71 million. Even if one allows for some changes in staff and the numbers in the mobile killing units the percentage of Germans directlyinvolved in the killings was extremely small.


How many people were involved in the Holocaust? Where does personal responsibility for the Holocaust begin? Does operating a locomotive hauling Jews, homosexuals, and assorted other undesirables make you a party to the crime of mass murder? Were pastors and priests who issued the baptismal certificates (for parents and grandparents) to provide evidence that people were not of Jewish origin (those Ariernachweise) in some sense responsible, too?

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Q: How many Germans were involved in the Holocaust?
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Were all germans involved in killing jews?

Obviously not. Most Germans were civilians that had no part to play in the war or the Holocaust. However, enough Germans were involved to result in 6 million Jewish deaths.

How many blacks were there during the Holocaust?

It is estimated that 25,000 to 50,000 African Germans died during the holocaust.

How many Germans died duing the Holocaust?

over half a million.

Who were the criminals of the Holocaust?

The Germans

Who were the collaborators in the Holocaust?


How many Jews involved in the Holocaust?

6 million were murdered but i don't know how many were involved.

How many Germans died as a result of the Holocaust?

I wonder if you are confusing the Holocaust with World War 2? Raul Hilberg estimates the total number of Germans killed in the Holocaust as at most 300.

How many different countries were involved in the holocaust?


Who were the leaders and people who led the Holocaust?

The people who perpetrated the Holocaust were primarily the Germans, though they were assisted by many others. Their leader was Adolf Hitler.

The holocaust was something the Germans did?


Why was the word boycott important to the Holocaust?

Because that is what the Germans did to the Jews during the holocaust.

What did the Germans think of the Holocaust when it was revealed?

many denied it ever happend especially the slaughtering of the Jews