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Q: How many Lancaster bomber pilots died in world war 2?
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Who died in the b-2 bomber crash?

Both pilots survived the B-2 crash that occured at Andersen AFB, Guam.

Who was the 2 pilots that died in world war 2?

Way more than two pilots died in WW2.

How many Canadian pilots died World War 2?

About 17,000

When did Clay Lancaster die?

Clay Lancaster died in 2000.

When did Des Lancaster die?

Des Lancaster died in 2000.

When did Thomas Lancaster die?

Thomas Lancaster died in 1586.

When did James Lancaster die?

James Lancaster died in 1618.

When did Joseph Lancaster die?

Joseph Lancaster died in 1838.

When did Claude Lancaster die?

Claude Lancaster died in 1977.

When did Mayhayley Lancaster die?

Mayhayley Lancaster died in 1955.

How many pilots were in a World War 2 British squadron?

there were 100,000 RAF (royal air force) pilots in the World War II and 90,000 died in the war

When did Wilfred Lancaster die?

Wilfred Lancaster died in 1987-07.