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Q: How many enemy planes did Eddie rickenbacker shot down?
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Who shot down at least 26 enemy planes and was Americas leading ace pilot in the war?

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker

Did Alvin york shoot down at least 26 enemy planes?

No, the answer is Eddie Rickenbacker.

Who shot down 26 planes?

Eddie Rickenbacker

Why was Eddie Rickenbacker made ace?

for shooting down the most German planes and baloons,22 planes and 4 baloons

What was Eddie Rickenbacker famous for?

He shot down a number of enemy aircraft during the first world war.

How many soldiers did Eddie rickenbacker kill in WW1?

Rickenbacker shot down 26 enemy aircraft in World War I. How many of the pilots were killed is not known, nor is the number of ground troops he might have killed.

Eddie Rickenbacker Lifesaving Seagull?

Eddie Rickenbacker and crew went down at sea in 1942. They managed to get into rafts and the ordeal lasted for 21 days. After 8 days drifting they ran out of rations. A seagull landed on Eddie's hat and he was able to catch it which prevented starvation. Shortly after that it rained and they had fresh water till rescued. FDS

What was the job of the ant aircraft guns?

To shoot down enemy planes.

What was fighter planes used for?

Fighter aircraft are used to shoot down enemy aircraft.

How many enemy planes were shot down by the Mustang in World War 2?


What pilot shot down at least 5 enemy planes during World War 1?

Literally hundreds of pilots shot down 5 enemy planes. Are you asking what was a pilot called? That was ace, l'as, Überkanonen, depending on language.

What America World War 1 pilot shot down 29 enemy planes?

ace ventura