How many militia were there?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: How many militia were there?
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How many battles were fought between the british and the militia?

your mom

How many times did Abraham Lincoln serve in the Illinois militia?

Abraham Lincoln joined and rejoined the Illinois militia three times. He served a total of 85 days. During his tenure in the militia he saw no combat duty.

How do you use militia in a sentence?

Militia is civil soldiers. militia helps army when required.

Which group was sent to restore orders during shay rebellion?

Massachusetts Militia

How many of Andrew Pickens's militia were wounded in the battle of cowpens?


Is the Illinois militia the same as the Illinois National Guard?

No. The Illinois Militia is a private organization. The ING is a state militia, but is in no way associated with the "Illinois Militia."

What is militia?

A body of citizen soilders is called a militia! A body of citizen soilders is called a militia!

What is the synanyms of militia?

The synonym for "militia" is "army".

How many men were in Abraham Lincoln's militia group in 1832?

The Illinois militia group that Abraham Lincoln was part of in 1832 had about 300 men in it, including Abraham Lincoln.

Who is the commander of the Poolesville Militia?

The Poolesville Militia is currently commanded by Daniel Kator, formerly Colonel but now Commander of the Militia because of a reorginization of the militia rank structure. will give you more information about the Poolesville Militia.

What is a volunteer army?

A professional soldier that hires his or her services is known as a mercenary. An army group of such volunteer soldiers would be mercenaries.

Where are Beats Militia from?

Beats Militia are from London, England